Microsoft CTO for US Education Cameron Evans: A call for better tech integration in classrooms

Posted by Jeff Meisner
Editor, Microsoft on the Issues

Cameron Evans, Microsoft’s chief technology officer for U.S. Education, has an opinion piece posted on eSchool News. In the piece, he questions the impact technology has had in education, and provides ideas for how teachers can incorporate technology into their curriculum in unique ways that meet academic requirements and provide students with learning experiences and the creative freedom to express what they have mastered through compelling experiences.

Two passages sum up Evans’ case:

“The challenge we face is connecting our students with technology while ensuring they gain the skills and knowledge to create their own opportunities and jobs that don’t currently exist. Our students, when properly educated, will propel us into the future of known and unknown possibilities. I call this the Total Creative Opportunity or TCO.”


“Simply digitizing textbooks and worksheets won’t make the grade anymore, now teachers need to fully embrace digital learning into all aspects of their lessons and fuse different disciplines to provide deeper learning experiences.”

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