Silicon Valley Gives crowdfunds to support hundreds of nonprofits

One of my passions is looking at ways technology can help solve real problems and create new opportunities for people.

I oversee Microsoft’s Silicon Valley operations. Our 2,800 employees in the area have helped to define our strong presence in the community since the early 1980s.

When we think of Silicon Valley, our heads fill with visions of a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and tech companies that are doing well. However, we often overlook many issues that every community faces when it comes to providing better services for our citizens—improving education initiatives, creating new employment opportunities for youth and skills training for underserved people. Meeting the needs of people in our region is an immense challenge, but I feel we can work together to find solutions.

That is why we are sponsoring Tuesday’s Silicon Valley Gives, a crowd-sourced day of giving that will bring support to these critical organizations. With more than 650 nonprofits registered to take part, this 24-hour online fundraising effort will raise millions of dollars and make a difference in people’s lives here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) has been leading this massive effort. SVCF has the expertise to bring donors together across sectors and help solve some of the biggest issues in the region. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of community foundations, SVCF is providing a great way to connect donors to the charitable causes they care about most and encourage them to take action.

Through partnerships with the Knight Foundation, Sobrato Family Foundation, corporations and individuals, Silicon Valley Gives will offer more than $3 million in matching funds to incentivize donors to participate. In addition, we’re providing Surfaces for on-the-spot donations at Microsoft retail stores and several Whole Foods locations to help rally support.

Though Silicon Valley is known for its technological innovation, there is also great social innovation happening here, and the hundreds of nonprofits digging into complex and substantial social issues deserve support from the entire community. This is a great model for other regions to replicate as a way to create change locally.

Today, please go to to contribute to your favorite local nonprofits. Together, we can become an even stronger community.