Microsoft spotlights Expert Educators and Mentor Schools for 2014

On Thursday, Microsoft Vice President of Worldwide Education Anthony Salcito announced Microsoft’s 2014 Expert Educators and Mentor Schools.

“These exclusive, year-long programs were created to recognize educators and schools who are on the leading edge of education innovation, paving the way for their peers in the use of technology to improve learning and student outcomes,” Salcito wrote in a post over on the Microsoft in Education Blog. “Expert Educators were selected from over 22,000 educators in 158 countries, while Mentor Schools came from nearly 250 schools in 75 countries.”

Selected Thursday are 250 Expert Educators and 80 Mentor Schools representing nearly every corner of the world. During the year of their award, educators and school leaders will be heavily involved in advising Microsoft on education innovation. They will provide insights on new products and tools, and will help us understand how technology works – or doesn’t work – in real-life classrooms.

Head on over to the Microsoft in Education Blog for the rest of the story.

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