Microsoft Employee Giving Campaign enhanced to raise next billion for nonprofits

Last year, Microsoft marked a significant moment for the Employee Giving Program. It was the 30th Employee Giving Campaign and the company reached a milestone of $1 billion raised for more than 31,000 nonprofits over those three decades (inclusive of corporate match).

However – as Microsoft Chief People Officer Lisa Brummel noted in a post on Wednesday over on The Official Microsoft Blog, “We’re not done.”

This year, Microsoft enhanced the Employee Giving Program to make a bigger impact: we increased the matching funds available to each employee to $15,000 (up from $12,000 in previous years), and we’re helping newly-hired Microsoft employees kick off their giving through a $50 donation to their nonprofit of choice. We’re on track to beat last year’s number, driven by our motivation to support nonprofits in making the world a better place, according to Brummel.

To get the rest of the story, head on over to The Official Microsoft Blog.