Microsoft CTO for US Education Cameron Evans: Five bold steps for rebooting schools

Cameron Evans, Microsoft chief technology officer for U.S. Education, has an opinion piece in the latest edition of Education Week. In the piece, he discusses five bold steps for personalizing student learning and better preparing future workforces for success.

Two passages sum up Evans’ case:

After years of accumulating performance deferments and declining success rates, it’s time to hit the reset button. Schools are investing heavily in gadgets and devices without necessarily giving thought to reform through transformative smart models and learning tools. Digitizing analog materials and processes is not enough.


To start fresh, the technology industry must own up to its culpability in underserving our nation’s schools and spell out what we will do to make things better. We’ve seen technological breakthroughs in virtually every industry—from “big data” transforming weather predictions to gaming accessories protecting firefighters’ lives. We can, we must, drive this kind of breakthrough for students, too. We need to help public schools move from our current one-size-fits-all approach to personalized learning systems enabled by today’s technology.

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