Microsoft joins ‘Hour of Code’ initiative

In a post over on The Official Microsoft Blog on Monday, Microsoft General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Legal & Corporate Affairs Brad Smith announced Microsoft has joined, a nationwide campaign urging schools, teachers and parents across the country to participate in the “Hour of Code” Initiative.

Held during Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 9 to Dec. 15), this initiative will help introduce more than 10 million students to computer programming and the exciting careers of the future.

“Microsoft wants every American student to have the opportunity to learn computer science, a goal we are supporting through our partnering work in communities, extensive outreach to a broad array of stakeholders and policy advocacy at all levels of government,” Smith writes. “We are encouraged to see the tech community come together to solve this challenge, and I’m excited to be a founding member of the board.”

For the rest of the story, read Smith’s post over on The Official Microsoft Blog.

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