Experts Respond to New Microsoft Proposal for a National Talent Strategy

Yesterday, Microsoft released a white paper highlighting a key challenge facing the U.S. economy – the critical and growing shortage of skilled workers able to fill the new high-skilled jobs that are being created. The white paper outlines ideas for a National Talent Strategy, including reforms in education and immigration that would help strengthen U.S. competitiveness and economic growth.

Microsoft Executive Vice President Brad Smith helped shine a light on these challenges facing the next generation, and talked about the recommendations for action at the Brookings Institution event, “Education and Immigration Reform: Reigniting American Competitiveness and Economic Opportunity.” During the event, panelists discussed the opportunity divide facing a growing number of young people and the proposal for fostering more forward-looking education and immigration policies.

Following the event, Microsoft on the Issues had a chance to connect with event moderator and Brookings Institution Vice President and Director of Governance Studies Darrell West.

Microsoft also had the opportunity to talk with panelist Stan Jones, President, Complete College America regarding the proposals. Stan’s organization works with states to significantly increase the number of Americans with quality career certificates or college degrees and to help close attainment gaps for traditionally underrepresented populations.

Missed the Brookings event? You can watch the webcast of the event here, read Brad’s remarks, and participate in the conversation on Twitter using the official hashtag, #techCTI.

The Brookings event follows the announcement of the Microsoft YouthSpark initiative to create opportunities for more than 50 million young people in the United States, and 300 million young people around the world. Through partnerships with governments, nonprofits and businesses, we aim to empower youth to imagine and realize their full potential by connecting them with greater education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities. Learn more about YouthSpark here.

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