A Conversation with Gov. Mitt Romney on Trade and Intellectual Property

Oct 13, 2011   |   Microsoft Corporate Blogs

Microsoft PAC (MSPAC) welcomed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to our Redmond, Wash. campus today.

Since its founding in 1998, our employee political action committee has invited political leaders, policymakers, popular authors, celebrities and others representing a wide range of views to speak to Microsoft employees. The nearly 4,000 Microsoft employees who have joined MSPAC have expressed strong interest not only in hearing from those who are closest to important contemporary matters, but in sharing their own ideas. MSPAC provides this ongoing forum for discussion, engagement and education.

Previous candidates for president who have been guests of MSPAC have included Harry Browne, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Richard Gephardt, Rudy Giuliani, Al Gore, John Kerry, Dennis Kucinich, Joe Lieberman and John McCain.

At Microsoft, we believe protection of intellectual property at home and in emerging markets will stimulate innovation, growth and job creation. It is important for these issues to be part of the conversation in the 2012 elections, and that continued dialogue is the best way to make progress in the global economy.

MSPAC has extended invitations to all major presidential candidates running in 2012 to visit the Microsoft campus to speak with our employees. We look forward to continued participation in the national discussion on these and other important issues between now and the 2012 elections with all the candidates.


Romney and Ellis

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney greets Microsoft employee Brian Ellis, a principal program manager lead for Xbox. “He gave a very substantive speech on stuff that matters to Microsoft,” Ellis said of Romney’s speech.

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