Partnering to Increase Broadband Access for All Citizens

Posted by Curt Kolcun 
Vice President, U.S. Public Sector

Having reviewed the details of the Federal Communications Commission’s  National Broadband Plan, I’m convinced that increased broadband adoption and greater access to technology are within reach of millions of Americans who are not yet part of the digital age.  In a recent post, my colleague Fred Humphries articulated Microsoft’s support for clear and meaningful solutions.

Today, we build on the momentum of the FCC’s national plan and its call for public-private partnerships to improve broadband adoption.  I’m pleased to announce that Microsoft is joining a vibrant group of Internet service providers, technology companies and nonprofits to help bring broadband services, computer technology and training to low-income homes throughout the U.S.

Led by OneEconomy and Connected Nationthe Digital Adoption Coalition will focus on strategies to expand affordable broadband access and adoption so that citizens gain the tools they need to seek jobs, stay informed and pursue economic opportunity. These tools include building out the needed infrastructure, providing affordable computers, hooking up Internet service and training citizens on digital literacy, in partnership with public housing authorities across the nation.   This commitment will deepen our partnership with federal, state and local governments as we collaborate to reach and empower more households with access to 21st century technology. 


In addition to making our software available to the public-private partnership, Microsoft will continue to support our local communities in three ways:  Providing technology skills training via our Elevate America initiative, strengthening nonprofit organizations through donations of Microsoft technology and supporting our employees’ engagement in their local communities.   

Working with our thousands of employees and partners around the country, we are well positioned to create sustainable technology solutions that will make a lasting difference in people’s lives.  Through our Unlimited Potential programs and initiatives, we aim to bring the benefits of information and communications technology to underserved communities across the country and around the world.  Our participation in the Digital Adoption Coalition is an exciting extension of that commitment.

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