Helping Schools Achieve Success with EdTech

Posted by Mary Cullinane 
Director of Innovation & Business Development, U.S. Education

The U.S. Department of Education recently released a draft National Education Technology Plan, which outlines five main priorities for schools to increase the effectiveness of technology in the classroom. The goals of the plan are to foster better learning outcomes and increase college graduation rates through improvements in assessment, learning, teaching, infrastructure and productivity.

In general, response to the plan has been positive, sparking optimism that it will stimulate substantial innovation and education reform. But many schools struggle with how to implement such plans, given reduced budgets and the pressure to do more with less.

Microsoft is committed more than ever to helping schools address the challenges they face. We’re creating appropriate solutions and relevant resources that can help schools achieve the goals of the National Education Technology Plan. Whether through rich offerings such as [email protected], Microsoft Office and SharePoint or Microsoft Education Analytics, we are dedicated to providing educators and students with the tools they need to be more creative, more efficient and more collaborative in their learning.


To facilitate wider adoption of innovative best practices and make it easier for educators to learn from each other, Microsoft has created a scalability model that aids in replicating school success with any type of program. We’ve also created a Partners in Learning online community where educators can exchange ideas with others who are looking at ways to use technology to improve education.

By thoughtfully incorporating technology into the teaching and learning process, schools can achieve the goals of the National Education Technology plan, while saving time and money. Time and money they then can reallocate to teaching and learning in the classroom – where it matters most.

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