Engineering Accessibility into Windows 7

Posted by Laura Ruby 
Director, Accessibility Policy and Standards

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about Government 2.0, accessibility and tools that are available to help developers make information technology more accessible to people with disabilities. As a longtime member of Microsoft’s accessibility community, I’m pleased to share with you another valuable resource – a new book entitled, Engineering Software for Accessibility (Microsoft Press, 2009; 100 pages).  The book is available as a free download or as a hard-copy via Barnes & Noble and Amazon. My Microsoft accessibility colleague Jason Grieves, a program manager on the Windows Accessibility Team, and his colleague Masahiko Kaneko co-authored the book, which describes much of the process our engineers used to make Windows 7 the most accessible operating system Microsoft has yet produced.

Read more from the Windows team about the book and the efforts that went into writing it.