SoundBridge: Empowering the Next Generation of Audio Professionals

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Soundbridge Lumit on desktop

Soundbridge LogoThere’s no doubt that music is an integral part of our society. From its early function as a storytelling tool to its modern ubiquitous nature, music is a priority. And with tech growing exponentially, music’s importance has never been more clear. Music technology is transforming music into something that everybody can access. Today, musicians can write, produce, record, and collaborate on Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) that translate everything into a digital format. Tools like SoundBridge’s Lumit are making that process easier and mobile.

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Lumit is a Full-Featured DAW developed by SoundBridge, an advanced audio technology company founded by Northeastern graduate, Wake Anderson. The software is recognized by Recording Magazine as the first DAW optimized for Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) from the ground up. Post and Recording Magazine have also recognized Lumit as being one of the most intuitive professional DAWs on the market – with a learn-curve of approximately a couple of days. If you have ever used a DAW before, you probably know it can take years to master. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 users will experience fast and agile control over Lumit due to the development team’s implementation of original hand-gestures and creative mobile navigation – technology typically not seen in desktop software. The hybrid mobile/desktop environment opens the doors for creative expression in ways the mouse and keyboard never could.

Soundbridge Lumit on Microsoft Surface

And whether you’re in the studio doing precise editing or recording a street performance to sample – you’re not limited in terms of professional capabilities. For the first time ever, audio engineers can create professional audio assets using virtual studio technologies (VST), USB musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) controllers, and high-fidelity/low latency USB soundcards that run audio stream in out (ASIO) drivers from a device that weighs less than a pound – such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. SoundBridge’s Lumit is a true technological achievement by all means – it’s the most mobile professional digital audio workstation on the market.

Wake Anderson and the Soundbridge TeamThe SoundBridge Team is expanding its easy-to-use functionality to the place it makes most sense; schools. Since Lumit is designed for everyone to use, Anderson is hoping to help students embrace music tech with one platform. This program kicks off in Almada, Portugal at Mastering Lisboa where partners will be teaching professional recording and audio production in Lumit for two months with high-school- aged aspiring audio professionals. Through this educational curriculum, Lumit seeks to teach students the basics of audio and music theory all in tandem, bridging tech and music together to get kids to think creatively.

Recently, we’ve seen Lumit in action at Make Music Day Boston, a live celebration of music in the city. Lumit’s DAW was set up in Copley Square, where passersby could contribute to a production and watch live as Lumit put everything together. Recorded entirely on Surface, Lumit presented the Make Music Day “theme” — Veggie Blues:

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