Achieving más can take many forms but for Latinas, it means taking care of their well-being first to be in the right headspace to make their businesses thrive. 
Ana Flores, co-CEO and founder of #WeAllGrow Latina, the most established digital and lifestyle community of impactful Latinas, defines wellness as “being connected with our inner voice as our ultimate guide.”  
Flores has made wellness a priority in her business, hosting wellness events for her team members and community which invite them to prioritize self-care. “The practice of wellness is protecting the container needed for that connection to flow,” she said. 
woman doing yoga
A survey by #WeAllGrow Latina and Microsoft found that 94% of Latina entrepreneurs cite their mental health and wellbeing as a top priority, yet 47% of respondents report a decline in their overall well-being, impacting their business.
Technology can contribute to wellness by improving work efficiency and freeing up time for self-care. Like Flores, many Latina entrepreneurs are striving to improve their well-being. We spoke with three Latina leaders to share their tips.  
54% of respondents pointed out that technology helps them get more flexibility to work outside of an 8 a.m.-5 p.m. schedule. Miri Rodriguez is a book author and founder of Be Mindful Be Happy, and thanks to AI, she now has more time to focus on her craft. 
She has been relying on Microsoft Teams AI-powered tools to manage her time more efficiently. “I can now record a meeting and AI tells me when someone mentioned a task and it summarizes the meeting for me.” Rodriguez, Senior Storyteller at Microsoft, said. 
Whether it’s working on a book or writing exercises, she uses Microsoft Bing to get new perspectives on her writing. “I started to create mindfulness poems and then asked Bing, ‘How would you optimize this? How would you say this to a 5-year-old?’,” Rodriguez said.
48% use technology to manage personal matters. Brittany Valdes, founder of The Mom Economy, uses Microsoft Bing to simplify meal planning. “Dinner is sacred time and gives my family the time to reconnect,” she said.
“I simply type in a prompt to Bing AI like ‘Make me a grocery list with two recipes that I can make for my family this week.’ Bing then generates it for me,” Valdes, Regional Program Manager at Microsoft, said.
64% report using technology to stay organized, as is the case with Ivelisse Capellan-Heyer, a passionate designer who leads design and product workshops for underserved communities.
Microsoft Bing has helped make it easier to tackle her inbox. “Even if it’s a short email, I could spend 30 minutes overthinking the English, order, and tone,” she said.
Whether it’s using AI to keep track of daily activities or feeling more confident about their writing, Latina jefas are making the most out of new technologies to help them thrive and feel their best.