Welcome to Mi Día, a new series focused on sharing a day in the life of Hispanic and Latinx employees at Microsoft. From representing nuestras raíces y cultura to tackling tech challenges, we’re here to share our Microsoft adventures. So, grab your cafecito, and let’s dive into the journey of being Hispanic and Latinx at Microsoft.  

Vanesa Carrillo is a product marketing manager at Microsoft. Originally from El Paso, Texas, she now lives in Seattle, Washington, and is part of the Microsoft Aspire program, a two-year rotational program for recent graduates to accelerate their growth and professional development early in their career.

Vanesa Headshot

7:00 AM 

I try to be an early riser. After getting ready, I pack my overnight oats for breakfast and then hop on the Connector, a transportation service that helps me get from where I live in Seattle to the Microsoft campus. It’s about a 30-minute ride, perfect for having some me-time and catching up on my favorite podcasts. (One of them is The Psychology of your 20s.) I believe that how you start your morning really affects the whole outcome of your day and how productive you are. 

8:30 AM 

Once I arrive at the office, my first stop is the coffee cart on the first floor. I always grab my go-to oatmeal cookie and a cup of tea. Then, I head upstairs, where my team sits, and start my work around 8:45 AM, diving into emails and catching up on any pending tasks. As part of the Marketing team, my role focuses on leading modern work product and feature launches for Microsoft 365 business planners. 

Vanesa enjoying Cookie and Tea at desk

12:30 PM 

At lunchtime, I usually eat with coworkers in our building or head over to some of the neighboring buildings for more food options. If I want something sweet, I get ice cream from Salt & Straw on campus! I try to make the most of my lunch break by not looking at my work emails and taking time to recharge. 

1:30 PM 

Afternoons are filled with meetings and wrapping up any remaining tasks. Sometimes I will participate in our Hispanic and Latinx employee resource group (HOLA), where I connect and volunteer with the community at Microsoft. By around 5:00 PM, I take the shuttle back home, usually with a book in hand to unwind from screen time. 

5:30 PM 

Once home, I spend some time on TikTok, either editing videos or responding to comments on my career and lifestyle account @verryvanesa. I love making vlogs to share my day-to-day at Microsoft, my favorite food spots in Seattle, and my career advice for fellow first-generation college students. 

My TikTok journey has been incredibly rewarding. I try to inspire and empower fellow Latinas, especially those navigating similar paths in higher education and tech careers. By sharing my experiences in both English and Spanish, I hope to reach a broader audience and provide valuable insights and motivation.

6:30 PM 

Then, it’s dinner time—I head over to one of my favorite restaurants called Fogón Cocina Mexicana with some friends or end up eating some of my meal prep meals. 


8:00 PM  

I attend Salsa/Bachata (dancing) class, and some days I do cardio at the gym. 

10:00 PM 

Finally, it’s bedtime. I like to turn on a candle and do some journaling to wind down.  

That’s a snapshot of my day, balancing work, wellness, and community-building through social media.