The Microsoft partner ecosystem is extensive, diverse and powerful. For decades it has been and continues to be at the center of how Microsoft delivers technology, services and cloud-to-edge solutions that enable business transformation for customers around the world. In fact, partners influence more than 95% of Microsoft’s commercial revenue, either directly, or in partnership with Microsoft.

Given the COVID-19, economic and geo-political challenges everyone has experienced in the last year, and the many ways that partners across our ecosystem have helped customers build resiliency, adapt to change and overcome challenges, today’s updates and perspective as to how partners are innovating, taking advantage of new opportunities and realizing growth are particularly relevant. In the last year, our partners have played critical roles, providing services and solutions that enable digital transformation for organizations and entire industries, and delivering innovative devices that help people adapt to new ways of working, learning, collaborating and staying connected. Partners make more possible, and the innovative devices, services, applications and cloud-to-edge solutions they deliver are empowering people and organizations around the world to do and achieve more. Here are some examples of how Microsoft and our partners are enabling innovation:

Microsoft continued to see growth in the 2nd quarter of FY21, especially across the Microsoft Commercial cloud (+34% YOY). This trajectory is expected to continue as Microsoft partners build devices, applications and cloud-to-edge solutions. We are dedicated to helping partners continue to build resiliency, adapt to change and overcome challenges. We do this by investing in the resources, tools and opportunities that allow them to co-innovate and develop next-generation solutions that help differentiate in the marketplace, gain market share, support their success and meet customer needs.

Below are some of the investments we have made and opportunities that we believe will enable partners to innovate and grow in 2021 and beyond:

Partner program updates

New resources and offerings

Technology is more important than ever. In times like these, partners who embrace change have opportunities to drive digital transformation around the world. We look forward to continuing the journey with partners to build cloud-to-edge solutions that make more possible for many years to come.

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