Six months ago, we found ourselves facing a global pandemic that threatened to take thousands of lives and majorly disrupt our global economy. And in a short period of time, many of those fears became reality and continue to impact the lives and jobs of millions around the world.

We realized quickly that we were in a unique position to help those looking for a job. And in June we came together across the Microsoft ecosystem to launch an ambitious global skills initiative designed to help 25 million people worldwide acquire needed digital skills by the end of 2020.

Our number one goal was – and still is – to help those who became unemployed or under-employed due to the pandemic, get the skills they need to find and land their next job. With a quarter of a billion people suddenly without a job, setting up the unemployed with the skills and tools they need became our top priority.

Today, I’m excited to share an update on the program’s progress. And the news is good! As part of the initiative, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and GitHub have collectively reached more than 10 million learners around the globe. Read Ryan’s full post on LinkedIn.