Businesses around the world are transforming. Our customers in finance, health and manufacturing are partnering with Microsoft to power solutions across cloud, AI and IoT, including companies like Neiman Marcus, Albertsons Companies, Goodyear, ExxonMobil, Telefonica, AT&T, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, and more.  

There are innovation stories behind each of the diverse brands with which we have partnered over the last quarter. Here are just a few examples of how customers are using our IP to innovate faster than ever 

A year ago, we announced a $5 billion investment in IoT.  Fast forward to todaybrands like Starbucks, Chevron, Walmart, Walgreens, BMW and Volkswagen are leveraging Azure as their cloud platform with IoT and AI services to accelerate their digital transformation. In fact, IoT is creating a big impact in industries you deal daily. For example, Ohio-based  GOJO Industries, the inventor of PURELL Hand Sanitizer, is using Azure IoT to power its PURELL SMARTLINK Technology solutions. It has about 25,000 connected dispensers that help more than a hundred healthcare facilities streamline hand hygiene compliance through motion sensors, Internet-connected dispensers and a cloud platformALT

In the manufacturing sector, digital transformation continues to reshape how customers and partners run their businesses. At Hannover Messe 2019, for instance, we partnered with BMW Group  to launch the  Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP)  built on the Azure Industrial IoT cloud platform and designed to break down productivity-slowing data silos by creating an open technology framework and cross-industry community.ALT

Commercial truck designer and manufacturer PACCAR  shows digital solutions can be applied to manufacturing and across other industries as well. Thanks to its adoption of Dynamics 365 Guides and  HoloLens 2PACCAR employees can access step-by-step holographic instructions to guide them through unfamiliar tasks like assembling a truck door or follow lighted arrows from each instruction card to the precise hole where a wire needs to be threaded or to the location of the correct tool on the factory floorALT

Toyota Material Handling Group is the largest forklift maker in the world, but its customers require much more than warehouse trucks and equipment. By  providing solutions with artificial intelligence, mixed reality and the IoT,  Toyota Material Handling Group is helping customers meet the global rise in ecommerce, and move goods quickly, frequently, accurately and safely.  ALT

When it comes to collaboration and the modern workplace, Razer is a global phenomenon in a multibillion-dollar industry that boasts 2.3 billion customers worldwide. Razer has 15 offices and is recognized as the leading brand for gamers. Today, the  company uses Microsoft 365, a complete, intelligent solution that supports creative teamwork, to achieve the same rapid communications, fast decision making and real-time collaboration required to win a game, while using these same attributes for a competitive advantage in the business world. ALT

In the airline industry, Virgin Atlantic wants employees to have the tools and information they need to make each travel step as smooth as possible.  Using Microsoft PowerApps and Dynamics 365, Virgin Atlantic now has a better view of its customers and can quickly and easily develop apps that help its business and field workers excel at their jobs and create an enjoyable travel experience. ALT

Digital is also changing how public sector agencies help families and children. For example, New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) caseworkers  are using Microsoft  365 security, Office apps, and Surface Pro devices running on Windows 10  to investigate more than 50,000 cases a year of suspected child abuse or neglect. Now, from anywhere in the field, they can instantly access critical resources and capture notes to focus on protecting and advocating for children and families. 

No matter the industry sector or geography, digital continues to drive how companies are reimagining their business modelsWe look forward to extending our collaboration with our customers and partners as they unlock new capabilities and pursue new markets thanks to their digital transformation.