Looking for free and educational activities to do with your kids this summer? What if you give them the opportunity to learn more about technology and help them advance their digital skills while having fun and interacting with kids their age? All of this is possible this summer during the YouthSpark summer camps available until late August at the Microsoft Stores in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

At Microsoft, we recognized that digital skills will be critical to career success in a future driven by technology. However, based on U.S. Census data only 7% of all U.S. tech workers are Latino, and according to Voto Latino, this low number in STEM careers exists not because of a lack of interest in the industry, but a lack of access to tech tools, training, and mentors (and that lack of access starts long before this demographic gets to college.)

Limited access to digital skills threatens to widen the income gap between those who have the skills to succeed in the 21st century and those who do not. To help reduce the gap Microsoft stores is offering free summer camps that provide real-world opportunities, in a fun and interactive environment. Students looking to translate their passions and digital skills into something tangible for their communities and future will be able to take full advantage of this.  They don’t have to wait until tomorrow anymore to gain these skills and access training and hands-on experiences. The YouthSpark summer camps, which consist of either one, two or four two-hour sessions, are for all children with a wide range of interests outside computer programming and coding, no matter if they’re starting from scratch, or are somewhat knowledgeable, they are all welcome to have fun at our stores.

To join, register for summer camps today online or in person at your local Microsoft Store. By attending this year, students can take part in the following experiences.