Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 Unveiled

The Kinect for Windows team unveiled Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 at the Engadget Expand event this past weekend. The latest iteration is the result of thousands of hours of work since the release of the Kinect for Windows SDK v. 1 and comes with a host of cool new capabilities. Next at Microsoft Editor Steve Clayton reports that “The camera now has the ability to discern between an open … Read more »

Daily Update, Jan. 14th – Microsoft Showcases ‘The Future of Retail Today’ at National Retail Federation Annual Convention & EXPO

This week brings the National Retail Federation (NRF) 102nd Annual Convention & EXPO to New York City, where Microsoft is highlighting how its technologies and broad ecosystem of partner solutions help retailers deliver personalized, seamless and differentiated shopping experiences for their customers. A post today on the Next at Microsoft blog features exciting examples like Swivel, a 3-D dressing room from FaceCake Marketing Technologies that uses Windows Embedded and Kinect … Read more »

The Midweek Download: Jan. 9th Edition – 60M Windows 8 Licenses Sold

In this edition of The Midweek Download, we’ve got stories on Windows 8 momentum, Windows Phone 8 app development and NUI. Check ‘em out! Windows 8 – 60M licenses sold. On Tuesday at the 11th Annual J.P. Morgan Tech Forum at CES 2013, Windows Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer Tami Reller announced that Windows 8 has sold 60 million licenses to date. This represents the cumulative sales of … Read more »

Weekend Reading: Jan. 4th Edition – MSN’s Top Stories of 2012 & the Windy City Adopts Office 365

In this edition of Weekend Reading, we’ve got stories on MSN’s top news stories of 2012, the City of Chicago adopting Office 365 for 30,000 employees, great Windows Phone apps for the new year and more. MSN’s top news stories of 2012. What would happen if Honey Boo-Boo entered a room Gangnam Style and Kim Kardashian tweeted about it? It’d sound a lot like the MSN 2012 Year in Review! … Read more »

Microsoft, Fashion and Technology

One of the most fun parts of my role at Microsoft is exploring trends in technology and the role Microsoft is playing. In the past on this blog I have talked about trends such as Natural User Interface. Over the past year, the convergence of fashion and technology is a trend on the rise. There are a lot of examples of this, especially in the sports industry — such as … Read more »

The Midweek Download: July 18th Edition–Microsoft Unveils the Office Customer Preview & “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”

In this edition of The Midweek Download, we’ve got stories on Microsoft raising the curtain on the new Office Customer Preview, “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”, the launch of Microsoft Streets & Tips 2013 and more. Microsoft unveils the new Office. On Monday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the customer preview of the new Microsoft Office, available at The next release features an intuitive design that works beautifully with … Read more »

The Midweek Download: April 4th Edition–Adding Dazzle to Live Augmented Reality with Kinect, SQL Server 2012 is Released, plus Windows 8, Windows Phone & a Silicon Valley News Roundup

In this edition of The Midweek Download, we’ve got stories on SQL Server 2012’s general availability, touch hardware and Windows 8, Windows Phone and the latest news from the Silicon Valley. Check ‘em out. Live augmented reality with Kinect. Technology, Entertainment, Design released this video earlier this week and it’s circulating widely on the Web now. It shows Marco Tempest employing a Kinect sensor to deliver a live augmented reality … Read more »

Weekend Reading: March 16th Edition–Learn the Ways of the Force with Kinect Star Wars, Explore the Galaxy with NUIverse, plus Internet Explorer & Bing

This edition of Weekend Reading is a sci-fi fan’s dream. We’ve got stories on the upcoming “Kinect Star Wars” game, a really cool Microsoft Technology Center project called NUIverse and a humorous look at the burgeoning popularity of Internet Explorer 9. Don’t miss ‘em! “I find your lack of faith disturbing…” If this commercial for the April 3 release of “Kinect Star Wars” doesn’t get you pumped up to learn … Read more »

The Midweek Download: March 14th Edition–More on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, an Inside Look at Beamatron, plus Microsoft Research, IE10 & Windows Phone

In this edition of The Midweek Download, we’ve got stories on the Windows 8 consumer preview, Microsoft Research, Internet Explorer 10, Windows Phone and Windows Azure. Don’t miss any of them! Web browsing in Windows 8 Consumer Preview with IE10. “We have considerably improved the underlying browsing engine with performance, standards, and features as we have previously blogged about. IE10 designed for a Metro style experience is a new and … Read more »

A Better Way to Get Home

Today, Microsoft announced an agreement with 24/7 Inc. which I believe will redefine what customer service looks like. We’ve come a long way towards improving everyday life using technology, but there is always more we can do. The modern consumer, and I count myself in these ranks, is evolving with the technology we use. Customer service hasn’t kept pace with our evolution. I think this announcement goes a long way … Read more »