Our commitment to making the new Image Creator from Microsoft Bing fun and inclusive for everyone

| Liat Ben-Zur, Corporate Vice President, Modern Life, Search, and Devices

Microsoft Image Creator screenshot

Last week, we announced our new creator tools in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Bing and Edge, designed to help ignite people’s imaginations and express themselves. Today, Image Creator from Microsoft Bing begins rolling out in a limited preview to select markets and will be coming soon to Microsoft Edge. To learn more about how Image Creator works, check out this post from the Bing team.

As I mentioned in last week’s announcement, we are in the early stages of bringing DALL.E 2 by OpenAI to these experiences. We are in limited preview with the Microsoft Designer app and today we are beginning to roll out Image Creator in Bing to a small set of geographies. We are intentionally taking our time to ensure we gather feedback, learn and apply those learnings before rolling things out more broadly.

The rollout of DALL∙E 2 across Microsoft products and services reflects how the company’s investment in AI research is helping to thoughtfully infuse AI into everything it builds, produces and delivers to help everyone boost productivity and innovation. And we recognize there’s still important work to do. At Microsoft, our teams are focused on the development of tools and techniques that guide people toward the appropriate and responsible use of AI tools, such as DALL∙E 2 in Image Creator.  And to curb misuse, we are implementing precautions and moderation policies.

For example, OpenAI has made their content filters more robust over time so that they are more effective at blocking images that violate their content policy – which is designed to block generations that include violent, adult or political content, among other categories – while still allowing creative expression. In addition, we will not show any of the text strings used as input within the images created and we may distort faces, all as part of our commitment to responsible AI. We are working closely with OpenAI to build, test and review mitigations for our integrations.

As we begin this journey together, we look forward to working with our customers, researchers and the global community to continuously improve and we welcome feedback, ideas or concerns. We’re excited about the potential this technology holds to help everyone better express themselves and their ideas.

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