Finding purpose and unlocking potential at Envision

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This week, I was thrilled to take part in Envision, our brand-new digital series for senior business leaders, which we’re co-producing with our close partners Accenture and Avanade.

Hosted by Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of Fast Company magazine, our first episode featured dynamic speakers and a conversation that centered on thought leadership topics such as digital resilience, the future of work, and how individuals and organizations alike can find purpose and drive momentum.

We also aired localized versions of the program, which allowed leaders to discuss business news and topics relevant to their region, such as the impact of COVID-19 on local industries.

To kick things off, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked with Stephanie about the evolution of the workplace, what it takes to create a resilient and agile business culture, and Microsoft’s embrace of “stakeholder capitalism” to serve not just shareholders but a broad community of stakeholders.

Satya was followed by Accenture CEO Julie Sweet and Microsoft Executive Vice President Judson Althoff, who shared the five questions that organizations need to think carefully about to transform in a post-pandemic world. I had the privilege of interviewing Christophe Beck, President and Chief Operating Officer of Ecolab, to learn how his company is bringing together technology and people to address the world’s biggest sustainability challenges.

In addition, Mitra Azizirad, Corporate Vice President of AI and Innovation Marketing at Microsoft, described why successful organizations make innovation a top priority and how to treat innovation as a platform. Finally, Avanade CEO Pamela Maynard spoke with psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais and Microsoft Chief Diversity Officer Lindsay-Rae McIntyre about the mindset required to succeed and how to use purpose to change things for the better.

Visit the Envision website to see our highlight video or register for the series to watch the complete episode or individual segments.

I hope you’ll join us for Episode 2 on Feb. 16, when we’ll look at five areas in which global challenges are driving exciting innovation. Speakers will include Microsoft Executive Vice President Jean-Philippe Courtois; Caroline Fanning, Chief Human Resources Officer of Avanade; our Chief Environmental Officer Lucas Joppa; Accenture Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer Ellyn Shook; and Julia White, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure.

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