Nearly 100 years later, a border stands strong with an arch and not a wall

Nearly a century after its dedication, the issues and technologies that led to the inauguration of the International Peace Arch “speak to us in multiple ways,” writes Brad Smith, Microsoft president, and Carol Ann Browne, Microsoft director of executive communications, in a new post in the “Today in Technology” series on LinkedIn.

The arch, an eight-story, steel-and-concrete portal in Blaine, Washington, was financed and constructed by American road builder Sam Hill at a time when the future of roads was also about the future of new roadway technology. “And the future of this technology is again ripe with innovation,” Smith and Browne write.

There’s another reason for the monument’s significance. “While the Peace Arch may sometimes not get much more than a glance from the 4,000 motorists who stream by in both directions each day, the unbroken peace it symbolizes between our two countries wasn’t a given for Sam Hill and his contemporaries,” Smith and Brown write. “A century later, the Arch provides a visible and powerful reminder that good neighbors should not be taken for granted.”

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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