Artificial intelligence takes on machine reading, Christmas carols and eye disease – Weekend Reading: Dec. 30 edition

| Susanna Ray

Artificial intelligence (AI) made incredible strides in 2016, and the growth appears set to accelerate as we enter the New Year.

A team of Microsoft researchers has released a dataset of 100,000 questions and answers that other AI researchers can use – for free – in their quest to create systems that can read and answer questions as well as a human. The MS MARCO dataset is based on anonymized real-world data from Bing and Cortana queries and is part of an attempt to spur the breakthroughs in machine reading that are already happening in image and speech recognition.

The move is also aimed at facilitating advances toward “artificial general intelligence,” or machines that can think like humans – and can read and understand a document as well as a person.

Rangan Majumder, partner group program manager with Microsoft’s Bing search engine division.
Rangan Majumder, partner group program manager with Microsoft’s Bing search engine division.

Meanwhile, AI helped a musician in Norway sing a new tune for the holidays this year: a Christmas carol that was created by Microsoft’s AI technology.

Thomas Holm, a contestant on Norway’s popular musical talent show “The Voice,” performed the computer-written “Joyful Time in the City,” whose melody and lyrics were written through detailed AI analysis over two weeks of more than 50 classic Christmas carols. Machine learning tools identified patterns in the tunes and used those to predict what should come next, for a final result that mixes Christmas songs from decades past and popular modern ones.

The piece still needed a human touch, though – Holm put the final creative refinements on the lyrics, together with Turbonegro drummer, Tommy “Manboy” Akerholdt.

“I’m not afraid that AI will take over music,” Holm said. “It could be a great band member, though.”

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In the business world, conversational bots built on cloud-based AI are enabling new frontiers in customer intimacy, simplifying access to information and helping businesses and consumers make more informed decisions.

The transformation of conversational computing is just beginning in business, as bots are connected to corporate databases and are starting to simplify tasks through conversational actions. A recently announced Microsoft feature will allow companies to turn their websites’ FAQ sections into chat bots that can speak different languages, thanks to Microsoft Translator.

AI also is being used to help eliminate blindness that can be avoided, through work done by Microsoft India in collaboration with the L V Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India. The Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eyecare (MINE) is a global consortium of commercial, research and academic institutions working to use artificial intelligence to combat certain eye diseases and to scale delivery of eyecare services worldwide.

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