Sprinklr selects Microsoft Azure as cloud provider for new, joint customers

Microsoft will work with Sprinklr to provide clients with a cloud-based experience management suite that will streamline business processes across sales, marketing, and customer service.

Most brands know that in order to stay relevant, they must put their customers front and center, listening to and engaging with them in meaningful ways across all channels to better serve their individual interests and needs. Yet, in a connected world where customers move across a seemingly infinite number of digital channels at the speed of social, that’s not easy to do.

Enter Sprinklr, one of the world’s leading enterprise social media management solutions, which, as Forbes recently put it, is “helping big brands make sense of the maelstrom in social media.” Working with more than half of the Fortune 50, including brands such as Nike, McDonald’s, Samsung, JPMorgan Chase, Starwood, and, for the last five-plus years, Microsoft, Sprinklr helps enterprises create and cultivate customer relationships at scale by enabling more intuitive, consistent and personalized experiences at every digital touchpoint. We are proud to say Sprinklr, a born-in-the-cloud company, will be extending its platform to Microsoft Azure, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, to power new, joint Microsoft-Sprinklr customers.

Together, we see great possibilities to unlock new opportunities for our mutual customers. That’s why today, we’re also excited to share our intent to work with Sprinklr to introduce a future solution, hosted on Azure, to streamline business processes across sales, marketing and customer service.

Our vision for a solution of this kind is to deliver actionable insights from unstructured social data along with other enterprise data sources and systems of record, so every department, from marketing to sales to customer service, can see and engage customers not as disjointed data points, but as people. This solution will integrate Sprinklr’s experience management platform with our customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Microsoft Dynamics, our business analytics suite, Power BI, and our leading productivity suite, Office 365 to power a next-generation experience management suite – all hosted in the cloud.

Today, the cloud is the great enabler when it comes to helping companies scale across continents and devices in a secure and flexible way. We’ve already begun working with Sprinklr to extend its platform to Azure, and future joint customers’ cloud-based offerings to Azure. Here’s an overview of what the news means for joint Microsoft and Sprinklr customers:

  • Leading developer tools. Azure’s development capabilities will enable Sprinklr to move even faster with future platform enhancements and integrations.
  • Intelligent cloud. Sprinklr will leverage Azure’s elastic search capabilities and advanced compute modules, including key elements of its reporting product and user interface.
  • Massive global scale for new joint Sprinklr and Azure customers. Azure has announced 32 regions globally with 24 regions currently generally available – more than any other major cloud provider combined and all backed by Microsoft’s $15 billion (USD) investment in global datacenter infrastructure.
  • Trusted and secure platform. Azure has 37 major certifications and attestations – also more than any other major public cloud provider, enabling our customers to operate globally and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. A full list can be found on the Microsoft Trust Center at www.microsoft.com/TrustCenter.

This is just the beginning. We’re thrilled about what this collaboration means for our customers and, ultimately, their customers. For more on the news, check out this blog post from Sprinklr’s President & COO, Carlos Dominguez.

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