Kenya and the ‘nomadic’ Internet open up future of possibilities

Before affordable Internet access came to Nanyuki, a town of 30,000 nestled near Mount Kenya 125 miles north of Nairobi, Red Cross representative Anthony Kuria had to close the office and walk hours to the nearest hot spot to send an email. He’d often return to a line of waiting people who needed his help.

Worse, when the inevitable fire or flood came and families became separated, snail mail and bulletin boards were the best tools Kuria had to help people find their loved ones.

Today, thanks to the dream of two rose farmers, a Scottish-born visionary and a partnership with innovators and the local government, Kuria and the Red Cross, along with Nanyuki’s schools and its young entrepreneurs ― many of whom don’t have electricity ― have reliable, affordable Internet access.

And it’s changing their lives.

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Aimee Riordan
Microsoft News Center Staff

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