Welcome 6Wunderkinder! Microsoft acquires Wunderlist

What’s better than completing that last important task on your to-do list? Doing so with a beautiful and useful productivity app. Today, I am thrilled to announce that Microsoft has acquired 6Wunderkinder, the creator of the highly acclaimed to-do list app, Wunderlist.

The addition of Wunderlist to the Microsoft product portfolio fits squarely with our ambition to reinvent productivity for a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Building on momentum for Microsoft Office, OneNote and Skype for Business, as well as the recent Sunrise and Acompli acquisitions, it further demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to delivering market leading mobile apps across the platforms and devices our customers use – for mail, calendaring, messaging, notes and now tasks.

If you are one of Wunderlist’s 13 million+ customers who have created more than one billion to-dos to get stuff done in smarter, more intuitive ways, you understand why, in 2014, The Verge ranked Wunderlist as the best to-do list app. If you haven’t tried Wunderlist yet, you have a great opportunity to make the most of your time with its brilliant design and ease of use.

Customers can expect the app to remain free in all of its existing markets. There will be no price changes for Wunderlist Pro or Wunderlist for Business customers and the service will continue to support a wide range of third-party apps and integrated services.

A solution this useful and popular does not happen without a lot of hard work from a group of incredibly smart, creative and talented people. We’re pleased to welcome the Wunderlist team to Microsoft and excited to increase our presence in the thriving Berlin tech scene. In the months to come, we’ll share what’s in store as we build on and apply Wunderlist’s innovations to Microsoft’s apps and services.

Wunderlist Founder and CEO, Christian Reber, shares his perspective on the news in this blog post.