IT stands for innovation and transformation

Read Judson Althoff’s post from Microsoft Ignite 2016: Empowering IT to drive digital transformation

Over the past few months, we’ve been talking in detail about our company’s three core ambitions: Create more personal computing. Reinvent productivity and business processes. Build the intelligent cloud.

Now, as we kick off our first Ignite conference, we focus on what those ambitions mean for a critically important customer base: IT professionals.

It’s no secret that IT pros have one of the hardest jobs in the tech industry. In today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world, they are responsible for navigating the tensions between public and private cloud, widespread devices and traditional management, and balancing data access with data protection. Every IT pro faces these challenges, and, as a result, it is understandable why these often unsung heroes may feel uncertain about their future.

At Ignite, however, we are making it very clear: Microsoft is more committed than ever to the millions of IT pros around the world. And, as I’ve noted many times in the past, I believe IT has a very bright future.

As every organization in the world depends more on software and technology, CIOs and IT pros can lead business strategy and transformation. They can help their companies launch new business capabilities with the cloud, intelligently harness and use data and improve productivity across devices. IT can help very good companies become great companies. 

We have been partnering with IT pros for decades, something we value immensely. And while we always have more to learn, we believe we speak the language of enterprise IT better – and do more to empower the IT professional – than anyone else in the industry.

A key element of our commitment is providing choice – choice of the right cloud model; choice of platforms through interoperability, openness and cross-platform support; and choice of how and when to adopt new technology.

Today’s announcements demonstrate how we are delivering a modern enterprise architecture IT pros can use to lead transformation in their companies and to thrive with mobile and cloud.

A great example is the news we announced today about Windows Update for Business as a new way for IT to ensure end user devices are always up to date. (Read more about that on Terry Myerson’s blog here.) We have a fundamental point of view that, if we are closely connected with you, we can help keep your devices more secure, more compatible and more productive.

Every industry is recognizing the impact and differentiation IT can bring to their business. For example, the CEO of Real Madrid C.F., arguably the top sports franchise in the world, joined Satya on stage today at Ignite. He and his club are betting on Microsoft to help them win – both on and off the field, and to engage with their 450 million fans in exciting new ways. The city of Chicago, the host of Ignite, is another example. In partnership with Microsoft, the city is leading CityWorks, an initiative for urban tech innovation using the cloud to improve transportation, energy and water systems.

A great week at Ignite is already underway, and the attitude of the 23,000 attendees is unmistakably optimistic about the road ahead. Together, we are redefining IT to mean “innovation and transformation.”


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