Office 365 cloud platform chosen by US Department of Health and Human Services

The federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is moving its email application and collaboration services to the Microsoft Office 365 solution that is hosted in a Government Community Cloud, it was announced Thursday.

The move involves approximately 125,000 seats, writes Greg Myers, vice president of Microsoft Federal, in a blog post.

The move will help employees collaborate across each department more efficiently and effectively, Myers says. “As an example, when public health outbreaks and emergencies occur, many disparate operating divisions of HHS are involved in the response efforts. While these operating divisions have different missions and responsibilities, much of the data, correspondence and activities are similar. The move to Office 365 will provide greater efficiency in managing cross-division processes, including data and analytics, as well as documentation management and reporting.”

Earlier this year, the Department of Labor moved to an enterprise-wide Office 365 cloud email system, consolidating nine legacy email systems to one cloud email as a service approach, Myers writes.

“Across the federal government, the vast majority of Cabinet-level agencies in whole or in part are moving to Office 365. These agencies can trust that their solution is helping them keep sensitive data private and secure,” he says.

To learn more, head over to the Microsoft Government blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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