Meet the Microsoft Cube

What do you get when you have a giant square sculpture, made from a continuous projection surface, powered by five computers and four Kinects, all working in concert?

The Microsoft Cube: an interactive art installation, unveiled this week at Seattle’s Decibel Festival.

“The Cube is a canvas for a new kind of creative expression,” explains Michael Megalli, senior director of brand strategy at Microsoft. “It’s an appliance that creates public space.”

Microsoft created the Cube with the help of Stimulant, a Seattle-based digital design firm. At Decibel, the Cube will be a vehicle for a uniquely connected digital dance party, on display tonight through Monday in the Seattle Center between the Trimpin sculpture and Sky Church.

What the Cube can become in the future is limited only by the imagination.

For the full story behind this unique digital canvas, including a video showing it in motion, check out Next at Microsoft.

Aimee Riordan
Microsoft News Center Staff

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