Microsoft announces new cloud experience and tools to deliver the cloud without complexity

On Thursday at Build in San Francisco, we took an important step by unveiling a first-of-its kind cloud environment within Microsoft Azure that provides a fully integrated cloud experience – bringing together cross-platform technologies, services and tools that enable developers and businesses to innovate with enterprise-grade scalability at startup speed. Announced today, our new Microsoft Azure Preview Portal is an important step forward in delivering our promise of the cloud without complexity.


With a vision to speed up and simplify the software delivery process, the Microsoft Azure Preview Portal is bringing together cross-platform tools, technologies, and services from across the company, partners, and the open-source community in a single integrated workspace.

When cloud computing was born, it was hailed as the solution that developers and business had been waiting for – the promise of a quick and easy way to get more from your business-critical apps without the hassle and cost of infrastructure. But as the industry transitions toward mobile-first, cloud-first business models and scenarios, the promise of “quick and easy” is now at stake. There’s no question that developing for a world that is both mobile-first and cloud-first is complicated. Developers are managing thousands of virtual machines, cobbling together management and automation solutions, and working in unfamiliar environments just to make their apps work in the cloud – driving down productivity as a result.

Many cloud vendors tout the ease and cost savings of the cloud, but they leave customers without the tools or capabilities to navigate the complex realities of cloud computing. That’s why today we are continuing down a path of rapid innovation. In addition to our groundbreaking new Microsoft Azure Preview Portal, we announced several enhancements our customers need to fully tap into the power of the cloud. These include:

· Dozens of enhancements to our Azure services across Web, mobile, data and our infrastructure services

· Further commitment to building the most open and flexible cloud with Azure support for automation software from Puppet Labs and Chef.

· We’ve removed the throttle off our Application Insights preview, making it easier for all developers to build, manage and iterate on their apps in the cloud with seamless integration into the IDE

We also demonstrated our ongoing commitment to our .NET developer community with the announcement of the .NET Foundation, which fosters open development and delivers a transparent roadmap around .NET. We will also be making the .NET Compilers Preview (“Rosyln”) available through the .NET Foundation.

We recognize that developing for the cloud can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t be. Today marks an important milestone in our cloud journey. We envision a world where customers can simply experience the benefits – and the promise – of the cloud, without sacrificing scale, speed or cost.

Visit the Build Newsroom for more information on Thursday’s news and to watch the keynote. You can also see more about Thursday’s news specific to Microsoft Azure on Scott Guthrie’s personal blog.

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