Microsoft Azure the perfect solution for on-demand video service blinkbox

Leave it to the cloud to make even movie viewing a better experience. That’s what Microsoft Azure did for blinkbox and the streaming service’s million monthly users.

The United Kingdom-based company, owned by Tesco, the country’s biggest retailer, needed a way to ensure the on-demand content looked great on every device for its customers.

Blinkbox employed Microsoft Azure to encode and catalog its vast library, streamlining the process so that what once took weeks now takes just days, or even hours.

“It means we can make the latest movies and TV programs available very quickly so our customers can enjoy them as soon as they’re released on whatever device they choose,” says Jon Robinson, blinkbox’s group head of information technology.

Another issue was storing the data.

Blinkbox is adding 1.5 terabytes a day, or the equivalent of more than 300 DVDs, to its massive library, a number that will only grow as the company continues to expand its selection and keep up with new video formats.

“We felt that Microsoft Azure was the best solution to address these huge challenges and make sure our customers get the best experience possible,” Robinson says.

Cliff Evans, Azure lead at Microsoft UK, calls blinkbox a classic example of an innovative, young company utilizing cloud-based services to reduce its brick and mortar overhead.

For more details on this cloud — and customer — success story, head over to the UK News Centre.

Aimee Riordan
Microsoft News Center Staff

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