Microsoft aviation technology flies high at the Singapore Airshow

| Chris DeMaria

This week, we are onsite at the Singapore Airshow to announce the latest in airline innovation in collaboration with our partners. Airlines around the world face tough competition, thin margins, increased passenger expectations and, as a result, are seeking new ways to achieve efficiencies while delivering great customer experiences.

Cloud technologies enable greater agility while reducing IT inefficiencies, giving businesses in the aviation industry an unprecedented opportunity to use technology to save costs, increase revenue growth and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Microsoft partners attending the show are delivering solutions that truly embody how cloud innovation is transforming the aviation industry and providing real benefits today. They include:

Lufthansa Systems

In-flight entertainment that gives customers more than just movies

Long gone are the days when airline passengers suffered through the small screen anchored to the back of the seat in front of them with only a few movies to choose from for their in-flight entertainment. Lufthansa Systems is showcasing its BoardConnect app today on Windows 8. The app will allow airlines to create their own unique experience for their in-flight passenger entertainment systems on Windows devices, giving passengers the opportunity to select movies, order food, shop, find out information about their destination and much more. The app can be quickly customized by each airline, allowing them to configure devices to offer a uniquely branded product to passengers.




Electronic Flight Bags that go beyond digitizing paper content

Jeppesen is in Singapore to show off their FliteDeck Pro app – a complete Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution built with an app designed specifically for the Windows platform. The app gives airlines a data-driven, interactive navigation solution ready for commercial use. FliteDeck Pro provides access to Jeppesen’s global library of terminal charts, change notices and text, as well as data distribution and deployment support. FliteDeck Pro increases situational awareness through faster, real-time access to information like weather and NOTAMs, and reduces pilot workload by eliminating manual paper revisions and the need to haul 30 to 50 pounds of paper materials for each flight.



Cabin service for point-of-sale and much more

Avanade’s Mobile Airline Platform, available today, provides in-flight crew with innovative and feature-rich applications for sales and services that enhance the passenger experience while creating opportunities to generate new revenue models. This includes powerful front and back-office processes, an easy-to-use mobile interface, support for personal devices and both online and offline connectivity and processing.

At Microsoft, we understand what airlines need and are delivering technologies to help them be more successful. Our innovation is helping to solve business problems, including enhancing mobility via Windows-powered devices, facilitating digitization of charts, maps and operations manuals and enabling integration with back-end systems and cloud services. Airline customers are also benefiting with a superior in-flight experience. Technology is changing the airline industry in amazing ways for everyone. At Microsoft, we are excited have a front row seat to help these exciting innovations take off.

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