Your photos and videos, your way: SkyDrive comes to Xbox One

On Monday, the Xbox and SkyDrive teams announced that your videos and photos will be available to you through Xbox One when it launches Nov. 22. The app takes advantage of some exclusive Xbox One features: Open photo albums from channels in OneGuide, play music with your slideshows using Xbox Music and control everything with gestures and voice using Kinect. The verbal command “Xbox: Go to SkyDrive” is all you need to get started with these experiences.

SkyDrive is the best way to see your photos and videos on the big screen via Xbox One – you’ll see what we mean when you watch the video demo above!

With SkyDrive on Xbox One, it’s easy to find photos and view them in a slideshow. Dan Somrack, SkyDrive program manager, says, “I was able to pull up pictures from a trip I took years ago to Cape Cod with my family that I had never bothered to dig through my computer to find.”

It’s also easy to view shared photos and videos, so your friends can share their content with you and vice versa, and that content shows up automatically. Conveniently, every photo you take with your Windows Phone gets automatically uploaded to SkyDrive, so there’s no separate process to upload them later to show to anyone – they’re already there.

To find content, the Xbox OneGuide is the single source you need to browse and find live TV, on-demand streaming video from apps, or even your own SkyDrive photos or videos. Apps plug into the OneGuide platform and show content as you might read a TV guide.

How does SkyDrive fit into that picture? It automatically adds your Pictures folder and the Camera Roll as channels for fast access, but you can also add any folder from the SkyDrive app into the list. So when you pick an image, you’re taken directly to a slideshow of that image and the rest of the album. “For example, if my friend was on vacation in Hawaii, he could share a photo album with me and I could add it to the OneGuide. Any new pictures he puts in his album will show up in my app channel,” Somrack explains.

Xbox One is available Nov. 22.

For more on this story, visit Inside SkyDrive.

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