Dr. Nick Patel makes his rounds with a Surface Pro

As the medical world turns increasingly to electronic health records, it becomes essential that physicians have a powerful and portable device they can carry and refer to as they make their rounds. On Tuesday the Surface Blog presented a video with Dr. Nick Patel from Columbia, South Carolina, on how the Surface Pro has helped him to increase his efficiency while also improving the interactions he has with his patients.

In the video above, Patel shares his insights at the Surface 2 event on Sept. 23. For more, check out this video from earlier this summer in which the Surface team took a closer look at how Patel and colleagues used the device. Also, the Microsoft in Health blog published an in-depth, three part series (1, 2, 3) on how Surface Pro helped to address the “Health Information Technology Productivity Paradox” – created as the need to document information in electronic health records, and the technology used to do so, was impacting the quality of the interaction with patients and general efficiency.

Head over to the Surface Blog for this and other coverage of most productive tablets on the planet.

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Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff