‘On the Whiteboard’ explores the modern movie magic of visual effects

You may not know it, but Microsoft has played a role in some of the spectacular visual effects seen in “Avatar” and provided story guidance about the future for “The Island”.

In the latest episode of “On the Whiteboard”, Editor Pamela Woon speaks with Sebastian Sylwan, chief technology officer at Weta Digital, a five-time Academy Award winning visual effects company based in Wellington, New Zealand, and Microsoft Research’s Curtis Wong as they go behind the scenes on some of the most popular films of the past decade.

Microsoft’s film series “On the Whiteboard” explores topics at the intersection of technology and culture, and introduces the people, places and things behind the products. Check out the latest installment of “On the Whiteboard” above and then head on over to the Microsoft News Center to learn more in this feature story.

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Posted by Jeff Meisner 
Editor, The Official Microsoft Blog

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