Daily Update, Feb. 13th – How the Cloud is Helping Illinois Improve Public Safety and Criminal Justice, Why Businesses Are Making Big Bets On Big Data & More

Today the Illinois Department of Corrections and Microsoft Corp. announced the successful implementation of the Offender-360 project, a cloud-based criminal justice information system built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The solution directly supports legislation signed by Gov. Pat Quinn that aims to improve Illinois public safety and criminal justice for the future. Check out the press release for more on this story.

Big data has exploded into the mainstream, and very soon it won’t just be a matter of profitability, but of survival. “I think everything’s at stake,” said Eron Kelly, general manager of product marketing for Microsoft SQL Server, in an article today on Microsoft News Center. “Organizations that harness the power of big data will outperform their peers.” Read the full article to learn about how Microsoft’s is helping businesses survive and thrive in the dawning age of big data.

No wonder The Harvard Business Review said recently that data scientists have the sexiest job of the 21st century! On that note, if you live in Silicon Valley and want to spend an evening out with the special data scientist in your life, head over to SiSense and Microsoft’s Big Data Date Night this evening – just in time for Valentine’s Day. Can’t be there in person? We’ll be covering the event right here on the Official Microsoft Blog as well.

Posted by Jeff Meisner
Editor, The Official Microsoft Blog