Daily Update, Feb. 12th – Big Data Done Right, The Return of ‘Contre Jour’ & More

Big Data Week continues here at Microsoft today with a deep dive from the News Center on the innovative ways our customers are using big data to solve business problems. Read how The Weather Network uses big data to improve their forecasts (and how you can “roll your own” predictions with Windows Azure), how the National Health Index uses big data to keep us healthy and much more. Meanwhile, a guest post on the ShiSh List from Digital Folio Founder/President Patrick Carter explores the growing potential for big data in the retail space.

Paris is known for its broad boulevards, its picturesque side streets and its heavy traffic. Autolib, an innovative car-sharing service, is helping make that traffic more manageable through a fleet of compact electric cars and an array of flexible services designed to help drivers reduce their reliance on privately owned cars — all connected and managed through an intelligent system based on Microsoft technology in the cars and at the points of registration, rental and service. Read the News Center feature to learn more.

Back in October, we introduced the world to the adorable creature Petit by bringing the groundbreaking game Contre Jour to the web with Internet Explorer 10 and HTML5. Today, we are excited to announce that Petit is back with 20 new levels to play on the web. Just like the game we launched this fall, these new levels show off the power of browsing in IE10 with fully accelerated HTML5, and advanced multi-touch support for a first class browsing experience on a tablet. The Exploring IE Blog has the full story.

The Green Blog recently sat down with TJ DiCaprio, senior director of environmental sustainability at Microsoft and the chief architect of our internal carbon fee, to talk about how the company is responding to an internal price on carbon and some of these investments we’re looking at making in 2013, such as power purchase agreements for renewable energy. Read the interview here.

That’s your Daily Update for today — have a good one!

Posted by Jeff Meisner
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