VIDEO: The story behind Bing home page images

Last year I wrote a post about the work of Stepahnie Horstmanshof and the team behind the Bing home page images. Stephanie and Kristin Dean recently spoke at the PSFK conference in San Francisco about their work. It’s a pretty fascinating insight in to the history of the home page image, the selection process and people’s reaction to images over time.

The pair talk about the introduction of video home pages, panoramic images and included a competition for the audience to select one of 3 images that would appear as the homepage on November 9th. This little chap was the winning image.


In related news, Mashable has a great post last week highlighting Bing’s 10 Most Favorited Bing Homepage Images of the Year. Of those, I love this shot of the Serpentine lake and Hyde Park in London, England