The Next at Microsoft Podcast Ep. 2 — Philosophy of Design

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The second episode of our new podcast series is up, featuring Bill Buxton and Kat Holmes in a fascinating discussion of Microsoft’s approach to design. Of course, George Takei is a hard act to follow, but we think you’ll be hooked as Buxton and Holmes offer a glimpse into how Microsoft is bringing inclusive, human-centered thinking to the user’s experience with technology.


Buxton is a principal researcher at Microsoft Research. He’s contributed to revolutionary innovations in human-computer interaction, including multi-touch input, and is currently engaged in projects on pen, touch and gesture. Holmes is a principal designer at Microsoft who has worked on Windows and Xbox and is currently focusing on Cortana; her immediate area of interest is in designing not just products or interfaces but the culture in which those interactions take place.

In my wide-ranging talk with them, Buxton and Holmes share what brought them to Microsoft, highlight what they’re currently reading, and explore why the key to technology innovation is, in Buxton’s words, “not what’s the next big thing, but the relationship between the things.” Enjoy the second installment in our series of conversations with the most inventive people around.

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And, after you have had a chance to enjoy the discussion, head on over to Microsoft Stories for an up-close look at how four Microsoft designers — including Holmes — have helped transform the company’s approach to design.