The Microsoft Factory Tour

One of the topics we’ll be covering here on Next is a look behind the scenes at Microsoft. I’m keen to show you some places you may have heard about but never really seen – the Microsoft Home for example. There are a host of other places too, some of which even Softies don’t know exist. The hardware labs, the model shop and many many more. Think of it as a Factory Tour of Microsoft.

Fortunately my good friends at Channel 9 have been pointing their cameras in to some of these places – they started out with Xbox and Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) and actually went waaaay beyond just the Xbox building. They took a look at The Commons which I’ll cover in more detail in a future post – as Tina says in the video, that place is like being in Disneyworld.

We have a ton more places to show you so stay tuned but meantime, go check out the Xbox building.