The future is already here…

…it’s just not evenly distributed. I love that quote from William Gibson and I thought about it when I saw Marriot’s new mobile app. It reminded me of the Office Vision video from a couple of years back. That video began with a lady arriving at the airport and taking a car ride to check in at her hotel.

One of the things that’s always bugged me about arriving in a new city and a new hotel is now un-personalized the experience can be. In that video, you see  how the experience is way more personalized and thought the Marriot app doesn’t do what you see in the video, it’s one step on the journey with

  • Mobile check-in up to two hours before you arrive
  • Receive automatic notifications when your room is ready
  • When you arrive at the hotel, please go directly to the Mobile Check-In desk for an enhanced arrival experience. We’ll have your key waiting.

Okay, I’m disappointed that the app isn’t on Windows Phone but as a technology fan, I’m just excited to see the future we’ve been predicting start to arrive.