A new stage for Microsoft storytelling

For the last few years I’ve had the role of ‘chief storyteller’ at Microsoft with a remit to roam our Redmond HQ and find great stories to be told on this blog and other outlets. Today, we’re expanding that storytelling with a new site at www.microsoft.com/stories – this will be our location for longer form storytelling.

Last year the world of storytelling was inspired by “Snowfall” – both the incredible narrative by John Branch and the stunning visual presentation of that story by the New York Times. It left me and others at Microsoft to think beyond the blog and explore how we could bring some stories about Microsoft to life on the web. Snowfall set a very high watermark to which any storyteller should aspire so we decided to start small, with a story I uncovered a few months back about a group of engineers who have built the incredible smart campus where I and 40,000+ other employees work every day. It’s Big Data meets The Internet of Things and its going on in a nondescript office building about one block from where I work.

Check out 88 Acres: How Microsoft Quietly Built the City of the Future – it’s our first story in longer from and I’d love to know what you think. Via email, Twitter or here in the comments. There are so many other amazing stories inside this company and we’re eager to share them with you. We have a few more in the works so stay tuned.

This blog will continue of course – with shorter form, more technology oriented posts. We’ll have some more news on the blog front too, but for now, head to www.microsoft.com/stories and read on…