Nokia Lumia’s color runs more than skin deep

Last week I wrote about Nokia’s ClearBlack display technology and today I thought I’d follow that up with a pointer to another great post from Nokia Conversations regarding beautiful colors of the Lumia (and N9) phones.

I’m currently sporting a Cyan Lumia 800, bought in part as a statement against the sea of black rectangles that currently dominate the smartphone market. In her post about the colors, Karen Bartlett talks to Tiina Aarras, a colors and materials designer at Nokia who remarks that:

It’s not just plastic, it’s “a single piece of polycarbonate plastic.” And they’re not just colors – they’re the most “saturated, intense colors” you’ll find on a phone.


She goes on to say that the color isn’t just skin deep – scratch one of he polycarbonate beauties and and you’ll see it’s black, cyan, magenta or white right through. In choosing the final four (initial) colors, Aarras was inspired by the CMYK color group (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) that dates back to the 1890’s when newspapers started producing color comic strips.

The post is a good backgrounder on the color selection process though it does leave me pining for a yellow Lumia….but maybe white will be added to my stable soon.

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