IWill GITA is leveraging Generative AI to expand mental healthcare

There are over 300 million people in India who require mental health support, yet less than 80% of them have access to help. With only 0.07 psychologists for every 100,000 people, finding affordable and accessible mental health support is challenging.  

To address this need, IWILL developed and launched IWill GITA, an app, powered by Azure OpenAI. IWill GITA provides help, grounded in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles, to people seeking mental health support for low to mild cases of anxiety and depression IWill GITA, offers six sessions aimed at guiding individuals through challenging life scenarios. It promotes thought balance and emotional control, fostering peace, proactive behaviour, holistic wellness, and resilience. With 615 million Hindi speakers in India, IWILL GITA supports Hindi speakers. 

The team behind IWill, a pioneer in online mental healthcare in India, has impacted over 650 thousand individuals directly and reached 10 million through learning content. Scaling through government and private partnerships, the team has promoted mental wellness and reproductive health in both urban and rural areas.  

The IWill CBT model and GITA LLM models have been developed using Azure AI Studio. GITA is designed with safety and responsibility in mind, providing necessary human-like comfort. It’s also designed with safeguards in place to prevent issues such as responses that are not grounded or hallucinations.  

With over 3,500 people served in the pilot stages, the tool is now being extended and scaled through partnerships in India. The team wants to build IWIll GITA to be one of the most widely used solutions to support people with mental health conditions in India and beyond. 

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