Harnessing Technology to Rebuild Prosperity

Posted by Pamela Passman Corporate Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs In the face of unprecedented economic challenges, our political leaders are attempting to fix our nation’s finance, energy and healthcare systems while continuing to make investments in education and IT infrastructure that will enhance economic opportunities. In the meantime, businesses large and small are rethinking their operations so they can cut costs and remain solvent. Investing in IT infrastructure at such a moment may Read more »

How to Make Online Gaming and Entertainment Safe for Our Kids

Updated March 5, 11:40 a.m. PT Posted by Robbie Bach President, Entertainment and Devices Division As the post below mentioned, Microsoft hosted a reception in Washington, D.C. on March 4 to discuss our commitment to equip parents with easy-to-use tools to help ensure their children’s digital entertainment experiences are healthy, balanced and age-appropriate.  Click Read More to view the full post and video of Robbie Bach, President, Entertainment and Devices Division, speaking Read more »

Economic Hard Times and the Global Technology Workforce

Posted by David Bowermaster Administrator, Microsoft on the Issues Microsoft is not sheltered from the unprecedented crisis battering the global economy.  In response to challenges we are confronting in markets around the world, we announced last month that we would cut jobs and reduce our overall employment level for the first time.  This was a difficult decision, and it was not one we made lightly.  But the long-term health of the company Read more »

Corporate Citizenship, in Good Times and Bad

Posted by Pamela Passman Corporate Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs Corporate Citizenship means different things to different people.  At Microsoft, it means doing business in a way that both creates business value and benefits society.  In the same way that we push ourselves to create new technologies and breakthrough products and services, we also strive to find innovative means to fulfill our citizenship goals.  Our 2009 Corporate Citizenship Report details many of the creative Read more »

President Obama’s Budget Boost for Science and Technology

Posted by Fred Humphries Managing Director, U.S. Government Affairs President Obama’s proposed $3.5 trillion budget does not lack for big ideas. And that’s good. Big ideas, especially in the areas of technology development and deployment, are just what we need. As Steve Ballmer told the Democratic Caucus last month, innovation must reclaim its status as the engine that drives our economy. “America really has to return to growth that’s built on innovation and productivity, rather Read more »

Working Together to Fight Fraud Online

Posted by Tim Cranton Associate General Counsel Earlier today the Federal Trade Commission kicked off a two-day “Fraud Forum” in Washington, D.C., that is bringing together regulators, law enforcement officers, consumer advocates, academics and business leaders to swap ideas and advance cooperation to combat illegal online activities that cost citizens and businesses millions of dollars each year. I participated in a panel this afternoon entitled, “From Gateway to Gatekeeper: The Role of Read more »

New Microsoft Initiative Will Provide Skills Training to American Workers

Posted by Pamela Passman Corporate Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs With unemployment at 7.6% in January and thousands of additional layoffs since then, the economy and jobs are the key issues here at the National Governors Association meetings in DC this weekend.  During a panel discussion about transforming America’s workforce, I announced a new Microsoft initiative called Elevate America that is designed to give state and local governments the tools and resources they need to provide no-cost or low-cost technology Read more »

Microsoft Encourages Parents to “Get Game Smart”

Posted by Robbie Bach President, Entertainment and Devices Division Today’s digital world is an exciting place for kids, offering a mind-boggling array of high-tech diversions. Recent statistics speak volumes. According to recent PEW studies, 97 percent of teens play video gamesand 65 percent of online teens use social networking technologies. Xbox 360 hosts one of the largest social network on the planet with over 17 million members on our Xbox LIVE service, up 70 Read more »

The Role of IT in Economic Recovery: Competition and Collaboration

Posted by Horacio Gutierrez Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Intellectual Property and Licensing As the purveyor of hardware, software and services designed to help us all work more efficiently, the IT industry has a responsibility – now more than ever before – to help people and organizations get maximum value from their shrinking resources. One way to do this is for IT companies to collaboratively develop computing solutions that enable different Read more »

Seeing the Internet as an Ecosystem

Posted by Pamela Passman Corporate Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs Earlier this week I participated on a panel about the future of Internet content and services at the Silicon Flatirons annual conference at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Rocky Radar did a good job of reporting on the conference.  Stacey Dogan, Eric Goldman, and Pamela Samuelson presented papers covering on-line trademark issues that may arise as a result of searches, the future of Wikipedia and the challenges of Read more »