Promoting Innovations to 21st Century Careers

At Microsoft, we believe that equipping students and workers with the education and skills they need to compete in the 21st century global economy is critical to U.S. economic and national security. Indeed, despite the economic downturn and high unemployment rates, Microsoft and thousands of our partners continue to struggle to find workers with the knowledge and experience necessary to help our businesses compete and grow. These skill shortages exist despite Read more »

Windows 7 and Browser Choice in Europe

Posted by Dave Heiner Vice President and Deputy General Counsel    A week ago the European Commission said it welcomed our proposal to provide Windows users a “consumer ballot screen” to select the Web browser of their choice to surf the Internet. We believe this approach addresses the Commission’s previously stated competition law concerns regarding our inclusion of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser in Windows.  I’d like to use this post to explain in Read more »

Health Care Needs New Rules to Enable Innovation and Reward Experimentation

Posted by Peter NeupertCorporate Vice President, Health Solutions Group Technology is playing a major role in helping bring healthcare into the 21st century.  Many of us have seen it first hand in treatment from our doctors, from MRI scans to laser surgery.  But these clinical advancements represent only a small piece of what technology can do to transform health care.  The power of technology lies in the potential to transform the Read more »

Celebrating 10 Years of Service to Annapolis’ Clay Street Neighborhood

At Microsoft, we talk a lot about the power of technology to transform people’s lives and expand their opportunities. This morning, I had the pleasure of witnessing that power first-hand while attending a celebration of the Clay Street Computer Learning Center’s 10 years of service to a low-income neighborhood in Annapolis, Md. Stocked with computers and educational software for all ages , the Clay Street Center offers an after-school program that gives Read more »

Microsoft’s Proposal to the European Commission

Posted by David Bowermaster Administrator, Microsoft on the Issues Microsoft recently made a proposal to the European Commission to address competition law concerns that the Commission has raised with regard to Internet Explorer and the interoperability of certain Microsoft products. The Commission issued a statement concerning the proposal today, and we subsequently issued a statement from General Counsel Brad Smith.

Keeping the Promise of Inclusion

Posted by Laura Ruby Director, Accessibility Policy and Standards In recent months there has been a lot of debate in Washington, D.C. about Government 2.0, or the use of Web 2.0 technologies and social networking tools such  as RSS feeds, blogs and wikis to give citizens greater access to information and to make government more transparent. Some people wonder if valuable social policies, such as ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities, can be Read more »

Building bridges at OSCON

Posted by Tony Hey Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Research Earlier today I had the opportunity to speak to many passionate members of the open source community at OSCON 2009 (short for ‘Open Source Convention’)  in San Jose, Calif.  While Microsoft was engaged in this event at many levels, the goal of my presentation was to shed light on some of the external research projects Microsoft Research is engaged in, since so much of Read more »

Open Government Doesn’t Equal Open Source

Posted by Teresa Carlson Vice President of U.S. Federal Government Sales (Cross-posted from the Microsoft FutureFed blog) The term “open” has many different connotations across the federal landscape.  According to the president, open government is the promise of transparency, public participation, and bridging the divide between citizens and their government.  When it comes to technology, some are connecting the vision of open government with open source software development, but that connection is false and Read more »

Collaboration, Competition and IP in the Real World

In the last few days Microsoft has made a number of announcements that reflect the pragmatic approach the company takes on intellectual property rights and open source software.  On July 20, Microsoft announced the release of 20,000 lines of device driver code to the Linux community.  The code, consisting of three Linux device drivers, was licensed under the GPLv2 license and submitted to the Linux kernel community for inclusion in the Linux Read more »