Improving Global Patents: Think Locally, Act Globally

In early August, David Kappos was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  We congratulate Dave on his new position and offer our full support in tackling the challenges ahead – not the least of which is to bring the patent system into the 21st Century.  As Dave knows well from his many years of experience in the U.S. Read more »

A Principled Approach to Compensation Reform

Posted by John Seethoff    Vice President and Deputy General Counsel In the wake of the financial crisis of the past year, Congress is currently considering several bills that would regulate executive compensation and other aspects of corporate governance. It’s good that policymakers are focused on these matters. In May, I blogged about how strong corporate governance policies and practices can help restore public trust and solidify the foundation for a broad recovery. But in Read more »

High Capacity Broadband is Core to America’s Future

Today I had the privilege of participating in a workshop convened by theFederal Communications Commission as part of its effort to develop a National  Broadband Plan by early next year. Today’s session focused on how best to supply the greater bandwidth required by emerging applications and devices, which could deliver huge social and economic benefits in nearly every aspect of our lives – in education, healthcare, commerce, energy and government, to name a Read more »

Office Team Steps Up Efforts to Protect Customers from Pirated Software

Posted by Keith Beeman General Manager, Genuine Software Initiative As part of Microsoft’s on-going commitment to combat the spread of pirated and counterfeit software, and to protect our customers and partners, the Office team today made two important announcements. First, we expanded the Office Genuine Advantage Notifications program into 13 more countries, upping the total to 41 countries where the voluntary program offers end users enhanced protection against the risks of using non-genuine copies Read more »

Engineering Accessibility into Windows 7

Posted by Laura Ruby Director, Accessibility Policy and Standards A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about Government 2.0, accessibility and tools that are available to help developers make information technology more accessible to people with disabilities. As a longtime member of Microsoft’s accessibility community, I’m pleased to share with you another valuable resource – a new book entitled, Engineering Software for Accessibility (Microsoft Press, 2009; 100 pages).  The book is available Read more »

Promoting Innovations to 21st Century Careers

At Microsoft, we believe that equipping students and workers with the education and skills they need to compete in the 21st century global economy is critical to U.S. economic and national security. Indeed, despite the economic downturn and high unemployment rates, Microsoft and thousands of our partners continue to struggle to find workers with the knowledge and experience necessary to help our businesses compete and grow. These skill shortages exist despite Read more »

Windows 7 and Browser Choice in Europe

Posted by Dave Heiner Vice President and Deputy General Counsel    A week ago the European Commission said it welcomed our proposal to provide Windows users a “consumer ballot screen” to select the Web browser of their choice to surf the Internet. We believe this approach addresses the Commission’s previously stated competition law concerns regarding our inclusion of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser in Windows.  I’d like to use this post to explain in Read more »

Health Care Needs New Rules to Enable Innovation and Reward Experimentation

Posted by Peter NeupertCorporate Vice President, Health Solutions Group Technology is playing a major role in helping bring healthcare into the 21st century.  Many of us have seen it first hand in treatment from our doctors, from MRI scans to laser surgery.  But these clinical advancements represent only a small piece of what technology can do to transform health care.  The power of technology lies in the potential to transform the Read more »

Celebrating 10 Years of Service to Annapolis’ Clay Street Neighborhood

At Microsoft, we talk a lot about the power of technology to transform people’s lives and expand their opportunities. This morning, I had the pleasure of witnessing that power first-hand while attending a celebration of the Clay Street Computer Learning Center’s 10 years of service to a low-income neighborhood in Annapolis, Md. Stocked with computers and educational software for all ages , the Clay Street Center offers an after-school program that gives Read more »