Why it’s essential to invest in basic research during hard times

Posted by Rick RashidSenior Vice President, Microsoft Research    Several of my colleagues and I are in Washington, D.C., today to give policymakers a glimpse of some of the exciting projects we’re working on at Microsoft Research.  Some of the technologies we’re demonstrating may have a real-world application today, while others will have an application two, three or even 10 years from now.  Regardless of when the commercial payoff comes, we believe it is Read more »

Microsoft Research Roadshow Heads to D.C.

Microsoft Research is heading to the Newseum in Washington, D.C. this Wednesday, June 24, to offer a glimpse into the future of computing. During the Microsoft Research D.C. Roadshow, our researchers will demonstrate innovative technologies that will help address some of the greatest challenges we face today, such as energy sustainability and efficiency, climate change, health care costs and outcomes and personal and business productivity. The demonstrations will showcase groundbreaking innovations arising out Read more »

Global Challenges Await New Patent Office Director

Yesterday President Obama announced he intends to nominate David Kappos, vice president and assistant general counsel for intellectual property at IBM, to serve as Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  This is a huge job, managing a workforce of 9,000 employees and directing a central part of an intellectual property system that drives American innovation, economic growth and job creation. It would be difficult Read more »

Using Enforcement to Crack Down on ‘Click Fraud’

Posted by Tim Cranton Associate General Counsel I’ve led Microsoft’s Internet Safety Enforcement Team for a decade now. In that time, we’ve partnered with government and industry on a variety of preventive, investigative and enforcement efforts to stymie cybercrime and online fraud. As these threats have evolved – growing in complexity and sophistication – so too has our team.  We strive to anticipate the next wave of threats to our customers Read more »

Paving the Way for Ubiquitous, Affordable, High-Capacity Broadband

Posted by Paula Boyd Regulatory Counsel Martin Luther King, Jr. dedicated his life to the ideal of an all-inclusive nation that remedied not only racial inequality, but also economic inequality. In today’s tech-centric society, ensuring widespread access to high capacity broadband has become a prerequisite to expand economic opportunities throughout America.  So it was fitting that today, at the Martin Luther King Jr,. Memorial Library in Washington, D.C., a broad-based new group Read more »

Working to Fulfill our Legal Obligations in Europe for Windows 7

UPDATE: June 11, 2009 – 5:30 p.m. Pacific Posted by Dave Heiner Vice President and Deputy General Counsel [Update to my original post earlier today below – I’ve added more historical context for readers who might be new to the issue – D.H.] Earlier today CNET reported that Microsoft had sent a memo to computer manufacturers and retailers about our plans for Windows 7 in Europe.  We’re getting quite a few calls on this, so Read more »

Microsoft’s Board of Directors Proposes a New Right for Shareholders

Posted by John SeethoffVice President and Deputy General Counsel A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of strong corporate governance policies and practices, and the commitment of Microsoft’s board of directors to adopt policies that not only enhance long-term shareholder value and build our brand, but also encourage innovation and appropriate risk-taking.  As part of this commitment, our board today recommended amendments to our articles of incorporation that would Read more »

An Important Step in Advancing Cybersecurity

Today I had the privilege of attending an event at the White House where President Barack Obama announced the results of the 60-day cybersecurity review and highlighted the steps the United States Government would be taking to help ensure the security of our nation’s computer networks.  This is an important step in ensuring we have a comprehensive and coordinated national strategy for cybersecurity.  Advances in information technology have revolutionized the way we live and Read more »

Protecting Your Privacy with Health IT Safeguards

Posted by Frank TorresDirector, Consumer Affairs   Last month the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sought public input on guidelines the agency is developing for technologies that companies and organizations should use to safeguard consumers’ electronic health records, and on mechanisms for notifying  consumers if the privacy and security of their health data is compromised. Microsoft, as well as other stakeholders in the health world, filed commentswith HHS yesterday. In addition Read more »

Corporate Governance: A Foundation for Restoring Public Trust

Posted by John SeethoffVice President and Deputy General Counsel In today’s economic climate, strong corporate governance policies and practices are more important than ever.  Sound corporate governance can help restore public trust and solidify the foundation on which a broad recovery can be built. Last month, Ray Gilmartin, chair of the governance and nominating committee of the Microsoft Board of Directors, sent a letter to our largest shareholders to describe our principal corporate governance practices.  Read more »