Microsoft, Girl Scouts Join Forces to Improve Online Safety

Posted by David Bowermaster Administrator, Microsoft on the Issues This morning we announced a new collaboration with the Girl Scouts of the USA aimed at improving online safety.  As families search for the best ways to protect their kids online, a big challenge is finding resources tailored to people in different phases of their lives.  For example, teens tend to trust other teens.  And parents need a place to learn about what their teens Read more »

Ballmer to Congress: Act Now on Stimulus Agreement

Posted by David Bowermaster Administrator, Microsoft on the Issues House and Senate lawmakers moved with impressive speed today to forge a final agreement on a $789 billion stimulus package designed to help revive the struggling U.S. economy.  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who has been a vocal proponent of the legislation, has sent a letter to all members of Congress urging them to quickly pass the bill so President Obama can sign it Read more »

Comparing Search Data Retention Policies of Major Search Engines Before the EU

Posted By Brendon Lynch Director of Privacy Strategy (Re-posted from The Data Privacy Imperative blog) Today, I testified before the Article 29 Working Party, the Europe Commission group charged with providing advice to the EU and member states on the protection of personal data.  The Article 29 Working Party hearing examined the data anonymization practices of major search companies.   In April 2008, the Article 29 Working Party issued an opinion that asked search companies to evaluate Read more »

Microsoft Hails Senate Passage of Stimulus Package

Posted by David Bowermaster Administrator, Microsoft on the Issues If you’ve been reading this blog since we launched it last month, you’ve probably figured out that Microsoft is a big proponent of the stimulus package working its way through Capitol Hill. We have had one post highlighting the workforce development components of the proposal, and another examining the important science and technology provisions.  Friday, we shared with you Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s remarks urging Congress to pass Read more »

Ballmer Urges Congress to Reinvest in America’s Long-Term Growth

Posted by Fred Humphries Managing Director, U.S. Government Affairs I recently moved from Washington state, where I led Microsoft’s state government relations team, back to D.C. to assume my new role as Microsoft’s managing director for U.S. Government Affairs.  My return to D.C. (I previously had the great privilege of working for then-House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt) comes at a time fraught with economic and political challenges. But it’s also a moment Read more »

Steve Ballmer’s Comments at Democratic Caucus Retreat

U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Caucus RetreatMicrosoft Chief Executive Officer Steve BallmerWilliamsburg, Virginia, February 6, 2009 STEVE BALLMER: Well, I want to thank Jay, I want to thank the speaker and all of you for the opportunity to be here today and chat with you. It’s a real honor to have a chance to share some thoughts on the economy and on innovation, and hopefully spur some thoughts on how Read more »

Concrete Steps to Enhance Broadband Wireless Access

Posted by Marc Berejka Senior Director, Technology Policy and Strategy November 4th was an eventful day in Washington, D.C., and around the country.  Yes, 125 million people cast their votes and selected a new president.  But the U.S. Federal Communications Commission also cast ballots on how American innovation can help close the digital divide.  The agency’s five commissioners voted unanimously to set the parameters under which unlicensed wireless devices can access the Read more »

Consumer Trust Core to Health Privacy

Posted by Frank Torres Consumer Affairs Director Information about our personal health is arguably the most sensitive data we own.  From chronic conditions to medications to genetic makeup, our personal health information reveals intimate details about who we are, what we do, and what we may be like in the future.  As a result, ensuring its privacy and confidentiality is a principle that simply cannot be compromised.  The Congress has started an Read more »

Surf the Net – Think Privacy!

Posted by Thomas Myrup Kristensen EU Internet Policy Director What does it take to ensure companies make great products that enhance privacy? What does it take to ensure that consumers understand their privacy rights and feel comfortable in an online world? In short, what does it take to build a real culture of online trust? At Microsoft we believe privacy shouldn’t be an afterthought, but something that’s built into products from the Read more »

A Federal Stimulus for Science and Technology

Posted by Dan Reed Scalable and Multicore Computing Strategist Microsoft Research My colleague Pamela Passman recently blogged about the importance of the workforce development components of the economic recovery package working its way through the U.S. Congress. As a scientist at Microsoft Research and someone long engaged in federal policy debates regarding computing research, I want to highlight several other aspects of the recovery legislation that are also vital to our long-term health and competitiveness.  In addition Read more »