Microsoft Shareholders Vote on “Say-on-Pay,” Other Measures

Posted by John SeethoffVice President and Deputy General Counsel Over the last few months Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith and I have blogged about our Board of Directors’ consideration of “Say-on-Pay” proposals that enable shareholders to weigh-in on our executive compensation practices. As we shared in September, our Board approved a policy that enables Microsoft shareholders to cast a non-binding, advisory vote every three years on the compensation programs for our senior executive Read more »

Forum Highlights Innovations in Education

Posted by L. Michael Golden Corporate Vice President, Education The TV hero MacGyver could learn a thing or two from the real heroes I met earlier this month in Salvador, Brazil. Sure, MacGyver could build a working airplane engine out of a rubber band and a toothpick, but the educators who gathered in Salvador for Microsoft’s Worldwide Innovative Education Forum are doing some truly amazing things. Some teach in schools that lack Read more »

Helping to Secure Family-Wage Jobs for Our Returning Military Heroes

Posted by Lutz Ziob General Manager, Microsoft Learning Given the current state of our economy, securing and retaining family-wage jobs is of upmost importance to most Americans. Today, I was fortunate to represent Microsoft at aSenate Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearing that focused on the critically important issue of the employment needs of our returning veterans. As the General Manager of Microsoft Learning, I know firsthand the importance of providing access to the kinds Read more »

White House CIO Vivek Kundra Helps Showcase Windows Azure

Posted by Teresa Carlson Vice President, Microsoft Federal When it comes to cloud computing, federal customers have a lot to consider and new business options to explore nearly every day.  And while “the cloud” is still in its infancy, today, I’m excited to extend our cloud announcements coming out of Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference (PDC09) in L.A., to the federal community. One of our own fearless leaders in the federal government, CIO Vivek Read more »

Partnering With Customers – and Competitors – on Green IT

Posted by Steve Lippman Director, Environmental Engagement Strategy As part of our capacity-building efforts with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profits, Microsoft recently partnered with TechSoup Global to present a set of webinars with green technology guidance specifically tailored to small and large NGOs. These webinars are one small part of a larger proactive campaign to help all our customers—large and small businesses, government agencies and others—optimize the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of their information technology. Advances in both hardware Read more »

Defending Patent Quality

As the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Monday in Bilski v. Kappos – a case to determine what types of business methods should be eligible for patent protection – Microsoft issued the following statement: “Microsoft has urged the Supreme Court to reaffirm its precedents holding that mere abstract ideas like those claimed in the Bilski patent cannot, and should not, be patentable.  Because the Bilski patent does not relate to a computer-implemented invention, reaffirming the appropriate Read more »

Promoting An Accessibility Ecosystem of Choice and Opportunity

Posted by Laura Ruby Director, Accessibility Policy & Standards The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) held a field hearing last Friday in Washington, D.C, on broadband access for people with disabilities. The event, part of the agency’s efforts to develop a National Broadband Plan, included a technology exhibit of some of the options and programs available to improve accessibility. Microsoft had an opportunity to demonstrate some of the enhancements in Windows 7 that make it easier for Read more »

Microsoft and the FTC: A Continued Focus on Privacy

Posted by Frank Torres Director, Consumer Affairs On December 7, the Federal Trade Commission will host the first in a series of day-long roundtable discussions “to explore the privacy challenges posed by the vast array of 21st century technology and business practices that collect and use consumer data.” The goal of the sessions, according to the Commission, “is to determine how best to protect consumer privacy while supporting beneficial uses of the information and Read more »

Protecting Our Digital Heritage: Standards, Collaboration and Awareness

Posted by Oliver Bell Regional Standards Officer For governments, the digital revolution presents some important challenges, including how best to ensure that their digital documents will be accessible and readable essentially forever, regardless of how technology evolves. This is a question I encounter often in my role as a Regional Standards Officer, working with various public agencies in Australia and New Zealand that have responsibility for archiving records and other documents.   Read more »

Responding to Shareholder Concerns on Executive Compensation

Posted by J. Ritchie Corporate Vice President of Compensation, Benefits, and Performance Management Microsoft has long believed that effective corporate governance should include regular, constructive conversations with our shareholders and other stakeholders.  This ongoing dialogue has led to many positive changes in our corporate governance framework, such as our decision to hold an advisory vote on executive compensation (also referred to as “Say-on-Pay”) at our annual meeting next month, and every third year Read more »