Fair Wi-Fi and cellular wireless coexistence benefits everyone

How much do you rely on Wi-Fi?  What if the Wi-Fi in your home or at your neighborhood Starbucks stopped working? Who would you call? What would you do? We all rely on Wi-Fi, as well as cellular wireless technologies, for much of our daily communication, news and information, and entertainment. Cellular and Wi-Fi both use wireless spectrum and, as we are increasingly reliant on both, it’s important that they Read more »

Microsoft signs up for Privacy Shield

Today (1 August 2016), Microsoft signed up for the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. As one of the first companies, we have submitted our Privacy Shield certification to the U.S. Department of Commerce and we expect it to be approved in the coming days. Going forward, any data which we will transfer from Europe to the United States will be protected by the Privacy Shield’s safeguards. The Privacy Shield is an important Read more »

Microsoft continues to meet its commitments to GNI Principles on internet freedom of expression and privacy

Microsoft is a founding member of the Global Network Initiative (GNI), a multi-stakeholder initiative that is dedicated to advancing freedom of expression and privacy on the global internet. Two factors that uniquely define GNI are the GNI Principles and the GNI independent assessment process.  GNI recently published the results of its second independent assessment of GNI member companies, and again determined that Microsoft complies with the GNI Principles. We at Read more »

Microsoft’s ‘revenge porn’ approach one year later

Microsoft’s ‘revenge porn’ approach one year later

To help put victims back in control of their online imagery and their privacy, one year ago today Microsoft announced its approach to non-consensual pornography on our consumer services. We see this milestone as an appropriate time to take stock of our efforts to-date and to review how our dedicated reporting method was received and is being used.   Sharing sexually intimate images of another person online without that person’s consent Read more »

Our search warrant case: An important decision for people everywhere

Today the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in a case brought by Microsoft addressing the global application of U.S. search warrants for people’s email. The court ruled in favor of Microsoft overturning an earlier ruling from a lower court. We obviously welcome today’s decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The decision is important for three reasons: it ensures that Read more »

WePROTECT Global Alliance releases strategy to end child sexual abuse online

child online safety

More child victims identified and safeguarded; more perpetrators apprehended, and an internet free of material depicting child sexual exploitation and abuse. This is the vision of the new WePROTECT Global Alliance to End Child Sexual Exploitation Online, an organization that brings together the U.K.’s WePROTECT Children Online initiative and the Global Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Online, launched in 2012 and co-chaired by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Read more »

EU-US Privacy Shield: Progress for privacy rights

Today in a post on the Microsoft EU Policy Blog, Microsoft Vice President for EU Government Affairs John Frank welcomed the new E.U.-U.S. Privacy Shield decision, which the European Commission is expected to announce on July 12. Microsoft regards privacy as a fundamental right, and the new Privacy Shield advances this right by setting a new high standard for the protection of Europeans’ personal data. “This is an important achievement Read more »

Experts call for increased efforts to help prevent online child sexual abuse

Vile images are being taken out of online circulation; child victims are being identified and rescued; and perpetrators are being apprehended, but awareness-raising and educational efforts need to increase to help prevent child sexual exploitation and abuse, according to experts attending an international conference in London last week. “We need to do more work ‘upstream,’” Simon Bailey, Chief Constable of the Norfolk U.K. Police told the Marie Collins Foundation conference, Read more »

Cybersecurity norms for nation-states and the global ICT industry

Today, I am pleased to share a new white paper about cybersecurity norms for nation-states and the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry, “From Articulation to Implementation: Enabling Progress on Cybersecurity Norms.” This publication is a reflection of our ongoing efforts to advance trust in the global ICT ecosystem through development of “rules of the road” for nation-states engaged in cyber operations, as well as industry actors impacted by Read more »

Technology delivers hope to refugees

World Refugee Day 2016, citizenship

Atallah Taba watched his wife die after a bomb ripped apart their home outside of Damascus, Syria. Instantly, the 74-year-old lost everything he worked for his whole life. Still grieving for the loss of his partner and the mother of their six children, Atallah made the painful decision to flee his home, clinging onto a few precious family photos and his smartphone. He traveled on foot for weeks, across hundreds Read more »