An update on Microsoft’s efforts to reduce online piracy and improve search results

As both an intellectual property owner and the operator of our Bing search engine, Microsoft is uniquely positioned to assess the role of online platforms in helping to combat online piracy. Our experience demonstrates that effective online enforcement begins with the IP owner, who is best situated to identify and act on instances of infringement. Online platforms also play a role by providing tools and processes to aid intellectual property Read more »

Live stream: Join us for a conversation on fighting consumer tech scams

Already this year, more than 3 million consumers have been affected by tech support scams.  Posing as support for major technology companies, these scammers – often U.S. companies leveraging foreign call centers – sell bogus security products and can gain access to and exploit consumers’ personal information.  When scammers succeed, consumers lose out. Today, the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center in Washington, D.C. will host a panel discussion as part Read more »

Microsoft announces $10 million gift to University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering Department


The job market for those with computer science backgrounds, in Seattle and throughout the country, is booming. Yet, because of a lack of funding and space, University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) turns away two out of three qualified applicants. Today, leaders at Microsoft stepped forward to help address the problem. Microsoft General Counsel and Executive Vice President Brad Smith announced Friday that Microsoft will contribute $10 million Read more »

Expert: Public and policymakers need to pay more attention to child abuse online

Combating the online availability of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) continues to pose a significant challenge worldwide, and a lack of understanding among policymakers and the global public further complicate the issue, a leading expert said. Speaking to a recent joint law enforcement/INHOPE conference on prevention and awareness of CSAM, Ernie Allen enumerated a number of key challenges, including an absence of public and policymaker awareness. Allen, the former president Read more »

Today in Washington, D.C.: Join us for the Microsoft TechFair Open House

Microsoft Research, Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center

From data visualization to cloud computing and predictive analytics, Microsoft Research is on the cutting edge, offering innovative solutions to complex problems. Today, the Washington, D.C., community can experience this technology firsthand as the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center hosts a TechFair Open House from 1 to 4 p.m. ET. Throughout the day, top researchers from Microsoft will be on hand to demonstrate how some of their breakthrough technologies are Read more »

A more sustainable future: SMARTer 2030 Report finds ICT can reduce global carbon emissions by 20 percent

sustainability, environment, carbon emissions

At Microsoft, we believe technology has tremendous potential to address environmental challenges. A new report, the SMARTer 2030 Report, released on Tuesday at the Bonn Climate Change Conference by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), emphatically affirms the positive role that information and communications technology (ICT) can play in achieving a more sustainable world. While historically economic growth has come with increasing carbon emissions, the report identifies ICT as a way Read more »

Delivering low-cost, solar-powered Internet access to rural Kenya

TV white spaces, Internet access

Recently, I returned to Nanyuki, Kenya to check on the progress of a unique project Microsoft launched with Mawingu Networks, Jamii Telecom Limited and the Kenyan Ministry of ICT to deliver low-cost, solar-powered Internet access and device charging to rural Kenya. The project, launched two years ago, utilizes ‘white spaces’ – TV frequencies assigned to broadcasters but not used locally – that could be used to provide wireless, broadband access Read more »

June is Internet Safety Month – Get involved

privacy, online safety

Dedicated to promoting online safety, June presents a unique opportunity for youth and parents to become better “digital citizens,” and to protect themselves and others from potentially harmful online content and activities, including topics that some may prefer to not even acknowledge let alone address. “If you want to reduce (online) risks for children, engage and educate children and their parents,” Michael Sheath of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation last week Read more »

Microsoft technology to usher in new era for 2016 Iowa caucuses

The Iowa caucuses provide a unique forum for civic engagement. Every four years, Iowa commands the national spotlight. As the first official contest in the nominating process for president of the United States, candidates from both political parties and the citizens of the State of Iowa take the process seriously. At Microsoft, we understand that technology can empower people and organizations to discover creative ways to address enduring problems and Read more »

USA Freedom Act: An important step forward

Earlier this afternoon, the U.S. Congress passed by a 2-to-1 margin the USA Freedom Act, which will bring about significant reforms to the nation’s surveillance programs once it is signed into law as expected by President Obama. The USA Freedom Act strikes an important balance between protecting public safety and preserving civil liberties. In addition to protecting personal privacy, it provides for greater transparency and increased accountability about the government’s Read more »