Microsoft’s comments on the FCC proposal for affordable broadband

Affordable broadband connectivity is often essential to harnessing the power, productivity, and delight that technology enables, and the importance of it will only increase as more and more of our daily actions move to a cloud-based model. It’s important that we as a society adopt measures to make sure everyone is empowered to contribute, and to be their best and most productive selves. That’s why today, Microsoft submitted comments in Read more »

‘Sextortion’: One of the grimmest cybercrimes is growing

Threats and demands from online “sextortionists” are very real, but victims are disinclined to report these crimes to either the police or technology companies, preliminary data from a new study show. If a victim fails to comply with a sextortionists’ demands, perpetrators might threaten to post intimate images of their victims online; send those images to other people the victim knows, including family members, employers, and school officials, or hurt Read more »

Microsoft’s Board adopts new “Proxy Access for Director Nominations” policy

We’ve blogged in the past about Microsoft’s commitment to maintaining a strong corporate governance framework and our support for transparent policies that enhance public and investor trust. Today, we are pleased to announce that our Board of Directors has acted in line with Microsoft’s long-standing corporate governance philosophy by adopting a new “Proxy Access for Director Nominations” policy that permits eligible shareholders to nominate candidates of their choosing for election Read more »

Announcing the next generation of Microsoft’s Law Firm Diversity Program: Working towards a more diverse and inclusive legal profession

Today as part of the White House event on entrepreneurship we’re announcing important changes to Microsoft’s Law Firm Diversity Program (LFDP). Since we launched this Program in 2008, we’ve provided the participating firms a bonus at the end of our fiscal year equal to 2 percent of that year’s fees if they reach a quantifiable diversity goal, either becoming more diverse as a firm or more diverse on the work Read more »

Our commitment to act on climate change

At a White House event today, Microsoft joined administration officials and industry leaders in support of driving more progress towards climate change mitigation at the Conference of Parties (COP 21) in Paris later this year. We applaud the White House for bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders to discuss this critical issue. As innovations continue to advance around resource efficiency and clean energy, information technology can play an important Read more »

Microsoft’s comments on the Proposed Rule under the Wassenaar Arrangement

By Cristin Goodwin, Senior Attorney, Microsoft Today I participated in the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) discussion on “Decoding the BIS Proposed Rule for Intrusion Software Platforms” and the important topic of the Department of Commerce’s Proposed Rule on Intrusion Software under the Wassenaar Arrangement. We agree strongly that the Department of Commerce’s intent to help prevent the misuse of security technologies by those who seek to violate Read more »

A milestone that deserves recognition: 25 years of the ADA

Twenty-five years ago a landmark piece of legislation became law in the U.S. and changed the face of disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was, and still is today, a pivotal law that for the first time recognized and mandated rights for persons with disabilities. Instead of (literally) crawling to get on a bus, there were ramps and lifts … an endless list of daily battles for people with Read more »

Help figure out how the US can keep food on our tables in a time of climate change

Help figure out how the US can keep food on our tables in a time of climate change

Envision this: The Mississippi River, a major transportation system for the U.S. food supply, dries up and no longer has water. How do we get that food from Point A to Point B? Are there sites along the river’s 2,350 miles for cold storage, so the food doesn’t go bad if river traffic comes to a standstill? It isn’t a plot for a Hollywood movie. It’s a worst-case scenario that Read more »

The ADA at 25: Disability rights and diversity

Today Microsoft joins communities around the country in honoring the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, signed into law on July 26, 1990. The anniversary provides an important opportunity to reflect on our shared commitment to ending discrimination and securing access, equality and independence for all Americans with disabilities. In the United States today nearly one in five Americans has a disability.[1] The ADA’s reach therefore is hard Read more »

‘Revenge porn:’ Putting victims back in control

When someone shares intimate images of another person online without that person’s consent, the effects can be truly devastating. These gross violations of privacy are commonly (and unartfully) referred to as “revenge porn.” Unfortunately, revenge porn is on the rise across the globe. It can damage nearly every aspect of a victim’s life: relationships, career, social activities. In the most severe and tragic cases, it has even led to suicide. Read more »