Cyber Security Awareness Month goes international

October kicks off Cyber Security Awareness Month – 31 days dedicated to raising public awareness about staying safer and more secure online. And, this 13th annual event is even more distinctive: It marks five years since the launch of STOP. THINK. CONNECT., the month’s signature campaign and now a global call to action. STOP. THINK. CONNECT. is a simple, easily understood message designed to drive people to action to help Read more »

Microsoft hosts renowned ID theft expert to kick off expanded AARP partnership to stop tech scams

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Have you or a family member ever answered a questionable phone call asking for money to solve a potential computer problem? Odds are someone you know has. Scammers convince victims to spend hundreds of dollars on phony tech support services by trading on the good names of companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and others. Since May 2014, Microsoft has received over 175,000 customer complaints regarding fraudulent tech support scams. This Read more »

Microsoft welcomes US State Department Global Connect initiative

We’d like to congratulate the U.S. State Department on its demonstration of leadership with the Global Connect initiative. The Internet and the Web have transformed our lives – the way we find information, the way we communicate, how we run our businesses, how we entertain ourselves, how efficiently we use resources – the list is endless. But the sad fact is that nearly two-thirds of the global population has no Read more »

Microsoft at Climate Week 2015: Taking action today for a more sustainable future

In my role as Chief Environmental Strategist for Microsoft, I am excited to be in New York this week as we take part in the activities of Climate Week 2015. Climate Week is a great opportunity to meet with policymakers, corporate leaders and individuals to explore new opportunities to drive meaningful action by working together. This year, I’m honored to represent Microsoft as we stand alongside the UN Framework Convention Read more »

Passing ECPA reform – It has never been more important

This is an important week for privacy in the nation’s capital. With a hearing today before the Senate Judiciary Committee, another focus on privacy begins in earnest. In truth, this could not come at a better or more important time. With each passing month it is becoming even clearer that our nation’s antiquated privacy laws need to be reformed. This is the time for Congress to act. The principal law Read more »

Microsoft makes additional investment in Washington state STEM students

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Yarelly Gomez knows what hard work feels like. “My parents would leave before 3 a.m. to pick asparagus, and they would pick cherries in the afternoon,” said the 20-year-old from Sunnyside, a town of 16,000 in the state of Washington. “Before we were old enough for school, my brothers and I would come with our parents to work, and we wouldn’t get back home until late in the afternoon.” Yarelly Read more »

Microsoft’s comments on the FCC proposal for affordable broadband

Affordable broadband connectivity is often essential to harnessing the power, productivity, and delight that technology enables, and the importance of it will only increase as more and more of our daily actions move to a cloud-based model. It’s important that we as a society adopt measures to make sure everyone is empowered to contribute, and to be their best and most productive selves. That’s why today, Microsoft submitted comments in Read more »

‘Sextortion’: One of the grimmest cybercrimes is growing

Threats and demands from online “sextortionists” are very real, but victims are disinclined to report these crimes to either the police or technology companies, preliminary data from a new study show. If a victim fails to comply with a sextortionists’ demands, perpetrators might threaten to post intimate images of their victims online; send those images to other people the victim knows, including family members, employers, and school officials, or hurt Read more »

Microsoft’s Board adopts new “Proxy Access for Director Nominations” policy

We’ve blogged in the past about Microsoft’s commitment to maintaining a strong corporate governance framework and our support for transparent policies that enhance public and investor trust. Today, we are pleased to announce that our Board of Directors has acted in line with Microsoft’s long-standing corporate governance philosophy by adopting a new “Proxy Access for Director Nominations” policy that permits eligible shareholders to nominate candidates of their choosing for election Read more »

Announcing the next generation of Microsoft’s Law Firm Diversity Program: Working towards a more diverse and inclusive legal profession

Today as part of the White House event on entrepreneurship we’re announcing important changes to Microsoft’s Law Firm Diversity Program (LFDP). Since we launched this Program in 2008, we’ve provided the participating firms a bonus at the end of our fiscal year equal to 2 percent of that year’s fees if they reach a quantifiable diversity goal, either becoming more diverse as a firm or more diverse on the work Read more »