The Economist arrives on Windows 8

When I bought a Kindle Fire earlier this year there were two main applications I wanted for it – a good feed reader (ideally something like Flipboard) and The Economist application. I got the former with Feedly and sort of got the latter with a hack that allowed me to use the Android app on the Fire.


As you may expect, I’m looking for something similar now I have my Surface and NextGen Reader has been serving me extremely well as a functional feed reader – it’s no Flipboard but in terms of helping me crunch though a lot of blogs very quickly, it’s first rate. And as of last night, the second piece of the puzzle came in to place as The Economist released their Windows 8 application.

It’s a solid app that does exactly what I need – it allows me to login with my subscription details and access all of newspaper as well as download for offline reading. It’s also possible to stream the content in audio which is handy when I’m working on blog posts such as this one.

Grab The Economist from the Windows Store now.