Halo 4 soundtrack samples from the man behind Massive Attack

News of a soundtrack to a new game wouldn’t normally attract my attention but when you mention Halo 4 and then the name Neil Davidge things are a little different. I know you’re probably thinking “who is Neil Davidge?”. He’s the co-writer and producer for the last three albums from Massive Attack – their Blue Lines album is probably my #1 album of all time. (for those not familiar with Massive Attack, you may know their work via the opening music for the TV series House – it’s a song called Teardrop off their Mezzanine album.)

343 Industries, the Microsoft Studios team behind Halo 4, released two videos yesterday to accompany this announcement. The first shown above is a behind the scenes look at the work to create the soundtrack with a 16 person male tenor/bass choir along with 10 female Bulgarian vocalists and a full 50 piece orchestra.

The second video below is a mix of two of Davidge’s Halo 4 tracks – recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

In addition, Rolling Stone has an exclusive stream of Arrival from the soundtrack and a great interview with Davidge (who is a huge Halo fan) about the work to create the soundtrack.

I was already eagerly awaiting the arrival of Halo 4…now I’m looking forward to the soundtrack as much as the game!