What to expect here during the week of CES

Normally I would say expect very little as attending a show like CES and trying to blog about it and meet all of the media I have scheduled would leave zero time for posting here. However, thanks to some help from our social media team you should expect regular coverage from the Microsoft booth over the next four days. In fact, I’ll be spending most of my time in the booth this year as I helped curate an entire section of our booth that’s titled “What’s Next”.

For regular followers of this blog, you’ll see a few familiar demos from our booth – some wearable computing concepts, Surface 2.0 in action, two Kinect related demos (one from Microsoft Research, one from a partner) and a look at how Microsoft design is shaping up in the hardware world.

It promises to be a fun week and we may even have one or two celebs drop by – one in particular I know will like the Kinect demos. I am hoping to make it outside of our booth at some point as I want to explore how Natural User Interfaces (NUI) and wearable computing are showing up elsewhere around CES.

Finally, as you may know, this is Microsoft’s last CES in terms of keynote and booth presence so I’ll be on hand tonight, tweeting from the Steve Ballmer keynote and giving you my view. You can watch it live via our Facebook page and follow the Microsoft news via the News Center

That’s all for now…keep checking back as I have a few more posts planned today and have my kitbag at the ready to grab photos and videos. The first of which is seen above!